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Robo-Bread Spy is best Spy

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Humans? Why would you want them to be more like that? Humans are terrible!

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I heard they started writing for the show.
I guess that's where talent gets you.

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You know it's a bit cyclical. I don't like Flash being in the show because he's a really boring character. But he can't become less boring without being in the show.

You see my dilemma here, yes? First impressions are everything, and his first impressions were... rather flat and next-to-unnecessary. It was like he just showed up to be a romantic interest and nothing more, and that's not any fun at all.

Either way, I find love relationships to be an innately boring topic, so I guess that invalidates my opinion on the matter. However, I wouldn't mind them becoming platonic friends, if he were to gain an extra dimension or two, because friendship's bloody magical.

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"Much to everyone's surprise, Sherclop Pones outbid Sherclop Pones at Las Pegasus Unicon's charity auction to win a one of a kind Scootaloo body pillow."

Yep, that seems about right. Totes legit.

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Bad thing it's not opposite day, otherwise I wouldn't ghetto stab myself for not reading that.

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That squee...

It startled me.

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Well, that episode was more of a meta-episode, using the language of the show to critique something that happens outside the show, about the show. What I meant by satirical is that this episode used a common trope found in childrens' television (and soap operas) and used a portrayal of said trope to critique it. The tone was more or less the same up till the end, which is where they subvert it. Granted, it's no Jonathan-Swift-level satire, but I still think it's notable. The writing was actually quite brilliant in this episode, they took some risks, but I think it worked in the end. I think this episode proves just how uncomfortable it is to see people (or ponies in this case) act like something they're not, especially for the sake of "love". I vote this episode for most uncomfortable episode yet, even more so than Daring Don't (and that was also very, very uncomfortable.).

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Anyone else get a strong "This is a satirical episode" vibe from this? Because I'm pretty sure this feels like a satirical episode.

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Well, that's all well and good, but you do realize that by assuming that people, who would otherwise have no interest in this game if they had heard of it elsewhere, would automatically begin throwing money at things that don't interest them solely because EQD had a post about it, you're actually insulting their intelligence? This isn't exactly a smoke and mirrors trick, they are not lying about anything here. And what of those people who would have supported this developer's endeavors even if EQD hadn't backed it? Are those people being taken advantage of? If a charity has nothing to do with MLP, does that mean it is undeserving of any kindness or generosity? Are you implying that bronies are only kindhearted and generous when ponies are involved? I understand your heart is in the right place, but you have to understand that people can spend their money however they want, and if that gives them joy why should it matter?