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Justin got it right, down to the details. I am from Serbia, and I second his take on fall of Milosevic 100%.

Truth is that Serbian people were mad with Milosevic at the time: why getting bombed, if at the end we sign capitulation? If we go to war, it is to win, to fight or at least draw; we could have signed capitulation without bombing, as it is? (Milosevic signed agreement when Serbs were more united and ready to resist more than ever before).
Milosevic was answering that we managed to sign the document (UN resolution ----) that is granting Serbian territorial integrity - except all of us knew that resolutions are nothing to US and NATO, we knew that they don´t respect their word and promise,(they attacked us in violation of their own charter, what to say more) ,and that the fact of letting them into Kosovo was final separation of this part of Serbian territory from Serbia.
Only for that, Milosevic was doomed. Not to mention his other sins (inflation, many scandals that you don´t know, etc..)
So, uprising against Milosevic was really genuine; it was supported by CIA & etc., but this doesn´t mean it was totally made and controlled from outside. They were riding on the wave, so to say.
People, take down your spectacles, look at the world as it is, nothing is black-white.

Kudos to you, Justin, for understanding and for your incredibly good style of writing: concise, forceful, clear. They should ask you to write books on writing English, we strangers should learn from the best .

Please, Justin, go on and continue. You are read not only in US.

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War is usually waged using lies. When you say "Serbian propaganda" - it is propaganda compared to what? "Facts" as presented by US and NATO?
Going back to the article, anything ICTY says, or declares, is almost certainly lie. That is a way with political courts, they serve only propaganda purposes (now this is a mighty propaganda, not some pesky professor claiming this or that.)