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14 years ago @ The British National P... - Turkey Interferes with... · 2 replies · +4 points

Lets get real, if Turkey becomes an EU member, and we have freedom for Turks to travel to, live in and work in the UK, then the battle may well be lost. The population of Turkey is 75,000,000 and 98% of these are Muslim. Turkey is a male dominated society, women are expected to bow down to men and are subjugated to an incredible degree. Homosexuals in Turkey have a very difficult time. Turkey receives a massive degree of military support from the USA. Basically we should stand up, state our right to decide on who enters our land and absolutely refuse Turkey right of admission. Letting Turkey in means more crime, more violence, more gangs, more drugs, more guns, if you do not believe me, then fine, you have only yourself to blame.

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That's right they dare not focus on real policy because they'd have to agree with it, and we can't have that now can we? While all this lying is going on in the press, the real liars Lib/Lab/Con continue their secret machinations to hoodwink a hapless public yet again and then reduce our quality of life still further. The Brtish people need to assert themselves, no more should we endure liars like Brown, Major, Thatcher and Blair nor should Cameron be permitted to slip in quietly to a role he thinks he deserves. No we need to stop, stop, stop this insanity else the crowding and frustration will reach terrible heights.

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Dangerous, sadistic criminals that undermine our safety and plot and scheme evil do get harsh treatment here, I am speaking of course of Gary McKinnon who may soon be deported for almot no crime. Joking aside it is time to express our utter refusal to be treated like this in our own country. These guys should be expelled from the UK at the very least. With that threat hanging over them, a lot of these people would soon fall silent and cease such activities.

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On "Question Time" recently Jack Straw ridiculed Griffin and the very suggestion that we, the UK should have any indigenous inhabitants and that those inhabitants should have the same rights as other indigenous peoples in other nations. As Griffin pointed out, in Straw's fantasy world, other nations do have indigenous peoples and their rights must be upheld (unless it's East Timor or Kosovo) but not here, oh no, the obedient predictable loyal lap dogs (i.e. the "public") that tick "Labour" when they vote, can have no such rights, they serve one purpose only, to elect the next Government and then obediently pay taxes, put their bins out on the right day and suffer in slience. Are you going to allow yourself to be abused yet again by these power hungry egotsictical leeches who refuse to recognise that you are indeed indigenous to these ancient islands?

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I think that with the likes of Straw and other seasoned liars, we need to attack more than defend in the future, this is a lesson to take on board. For example when the issue of being seen with a former KKK member arises, don't try to explain, no explanation will ever satisfy these egotistical career politicians. Instead raise the matter of Straw being photographed shaking hands and smiling, with Robert Mugabe in 2004. Mugabe is a murderer and ruthless dictator, certainly more cuplable than any KKK member Nick may have encountered. The fact is when Labour meet with dubious characters it is always explicable, but when the BNP do so, then it is simply terrible, only Labour are permitted to do this, isnt that right Mr Hypocrite Straw?

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Just imagine, once the membership rules are revised it will be mighty hard for our enemies to call the BNP "racist" especially if there are non-white members who are willing to speak out on the same kinds of issues that are upsetting so many people, this could end up doing the BNP a lot of good and the establishment will have egg on their face.

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Don't forget the goal is to increase influence over our government or even replace it. There are many non-whites who are as opposed as I am to Islam, mass immigration, loss of sovreignty to the EU, bogus asylum seekers, and general trampling of all things British.
Not only will you gain their votes, you will at a stroke eliminate those who accuse the BNP of racism.

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Adapt, it's a non brainer, not an easy thing to do, but a no brainer. This could be the thing that backfires on the establishment. There are many non-whites out there that will support the BNP for the same reasons many whites do, immigration, Islam, etc.

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This if the first time I heard of this Selly Oak situation. Sadly it doesn't really surprise me, I have come take for granted this sort of disgrace over the past decade or so. I'm pretty sick and tired of this whole atmospehere of fear surrounding the use of language in public and the acceptability of subject matter.
Political correctness is simply Big Brother from the Orwell novel, it is creating a terrible unquestioning conformity, a fear to voice an opinion, a self-imposed editing of one's own speech and writing.
People are increasingly only expressing views and opinions within ever narrowing boundaries, dissent, once the catchphrase of the "left" is now despised, and those who embark upon it, are accused and discredited with a vengeance.

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I just watched this clip on the BBC News website. I may be missing something, but isn't it customary to have police in and around the House of Commons? I'm shocked to see not a single police officer in sight. These people are indeed agressive, they condemn violence yet resort to it, they demand free speech and open society yet do all they can to stifle it.
These same single-issue-fanatics will now blow kisses to Labour and Tory alike, depite the fact that these parties have overseen the slaughter of several million Muslims over several decades, and thousands of Serbs/Albanians in 1999 and the list goes on.