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Oh guys, just reading your posts is a balm to the soul.

I have been skipping this book for RL reasons, but it was all I could do to keep emotional fallout in check until I could get home and to Markreads, so I could break down quietly in the (virtual) company of people who won't require justification or even explanation for why I'm such a wreck. I know nothing about this particular book, so don't mind me, I will just curl up in a corner over here and cry until I can fall asleep.

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Have to go through the comments section again. :)

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Agreed, Vetinari is definitely dissembling here, whether it's because he has no answer, because he doesn't want to answer or... maybe raising these questions in Vimes was the whole point? It doesn't seem like poor Vimes has had a good reason to get up every evening in a loooong time. Now that he has finally done something important he has to wonder why and whether it's worth keeping up the effort. We know Vetinari is not above toying with people for desired reaction, maybe he's trying to provoke Vimes into being contrary.

And yeah, everything Vetinari does reduces eventually to 'He knows you know that he knows what you think he knows'.

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Nobby is one of my favourite characters too, rfcrpvnyyl nsgre ernqvat avtugjngpu. Ur zvtug or n obeqreyvar pnevpngher fbzrgvzrf, ohg gurer'f n yriry bs gentrql gb uvf punenpgre gung znxrf uvz cbvtanag.

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VIMES AND VETINARI! Talking human nature!!!

I have been waiting for the climax of this book for a number of reasons (it's full of awesome), but mostly because I wanted to get a fresh perspective for this dialogue. It's one of the most fascinating passages in earlier Discworld, I have read it more times than I care to count, but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Firstly, why does it happen? I get that there is a thematic summary of the actions taken and untaken in this book and possibly a callout to the readers to contemplate their own response. Which, great. But why is Vetinari telling that to Vimes of all people? To see his response? Vimes's not exactly the bright shiny beacon of hope and optimism when it comes to humanity, neither does he seem to slot people into 'good' and 'bad' categories, like the Patritcian is claiming. We see him voicing several opinions over the course of book that seem to fit with Vetinari's analysis, yet when challenged his first reaction is to defend people, to say that they were afraid, that they were just being human. Not good or bad, human. Not quite sure what it says about Pratchett's view on the matter, but it says a lot about Vimes.

...And then Vetinari sends him away by saying 'There is a GOOD fellow'. Augh Vetinari, make up your mind already! :D

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I'm still somewhat confused how no one notices that the bolts are on the wrong side. Vimes just glancing at the door is one thing, but whoever locked them inside should have tried to bolt the door from the outside and realised it's not possible.

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Much has been said about these chapters being a bitting social commentary about people being unwilling to stand up to oppression and injustice, but what gets me is that it's so SYMPATHETIC. Like that line about human spirit being noble and brave in right conditions, but ultimately only human. As cutting as Pratchett can be, he's not condemning these people or scorning their fear.

Fb Yhcvar Jbafr vf... Oebgure Svatref? Bjtnfuunuunuununuunnn. :D Now I have a whole new appreciation of nunning being a Thing that Exists.

Go Sybil! Her attitude towards the guards is so reminiscent of Granny Weatherwax <span class="idc-smiley"><span style="background-position: 0pt 0pt;"><span>:)</span></span></span> Damn right they are not dragging her anywhere. (Not while she's still conscious and in a state to fight back anyway.)

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Moments like this are why I love Death: his presence alone turns what could potentially be a truly horrific and awful scene into something ruefully amusing. There's an acknowledgement that, yeah, the Brethern got what was coming for them, but it is done without malice or sense that we should feel gleeful about bad guys getting their comeuppance.

(Geez, I just spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to spell 'comeuppance'. English, why can I never make sense of you?)

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Oh yes! :D

Also there's something really... well, same-y about the way all the libraries feel? Doesn't matter how different they look, how big they are, or what they are there for. You could close your eyes and instantly know you are in a library.

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I'm sorry, truly. Mark's right, I'm not really contributing here and should have known when to shut up.