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They should call it the "Trash Wallstreet" movement - it is becoming an embarrassment to NYC from all the trash that is accumulating from these mobs of clueless students and homeless people on the payroll.

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Good, that will give the demento-crats ownership of the "Trash Wallstreet" mobs and in 2012 people will be voting against them for that very reason.

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Yes indeed, McCarthy was stopped before the job was done and the commie rats were cleared out of Hollywood and the colleges and universities.

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Conditions are no different for Apple than any other company in Red China, foreign or domestic.

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Nor was he a socialist expecting the gov't to provide his next job or idea, like the filthy mob in NYC.

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Great observations and so true.

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The latest news is that the street violence is alienating the independent swing voters. The old news is that when the riots happened at the 1968 demento-crat convention the main stream voters were so disgusted they voted in Richard Nixon, a republican. It could happen again. This could be the thing that pushes the voters firmly into voting republican in 2012 in a landslide.

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When the RINOs and republicans were in power all they could think of was playing nice with the demento-crats and not making waves - this is what it got them. Wise up you fools, this is a fight between communism and freedom, not a simple debate between intellectual elitists.

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The reason is they are paid to be there and don't have to know anything - this ad from NYC CraigsList shows what is probably going on in California and all the other states that are seeing this happen -

The Working Families Party (WFP) is New York's most energetic, independent and progressive political party. Formed in 1998 by a grassroots coalition of community organizations, neighborhood activists, and labor unions, we came together to build a society that works for all of us, not just Wall Street CEOs and the well-connected. WFP is independent from corporate and government funding and in-addition we are community based; community funded and equally uninfluenced by both major parties. Our agenda focuses on economic and social justice, corporate accountability, job creation, environmental protection, and investment in education and healthcare.
CAMPAIGN JOBS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT & CIVIL RIGHTS!!$4,000-$6,000/fall (Financial District)
Come Join a Team of Fun, Outgoing Activists! $1600-$2240/mo! "

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I don't really care which it is. For me the grand experiment with a racist anti-American socialist / marxist "first black president in history" is over in Nov of 2012, regardless of what happens between now and then. I will support whoever is chosen to oppose this illegally serving foreigner because splitting the vote for other candidates or staying at home pouting is a sure way to get 4 more years of it.

The popular joke goes "If you voted for 0bam0 to prove you aren't a racist you should now vote for someone else to prove you still have a brain" has never been more true.