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Well, THE FACT is that you arrive here doing accusations about something that you cannot prove; and then, Do you pretend that we believe in you? You definitively are a lunatic.

I will not follow maintaining this useless conversation with you... Each time that I or another member here ask to you about evidence you evade the subject and respond with disqualifications. Thus is impossible any conversation.

Get out of here and go with your poison, bad intentions, and lies to another place.

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I also ask me the same thing over and over...

This seems that the average citizen (and more in the USA) is weak, stupid and without personality; and CONSUMES and SUPPORTS all the shit that big corporations do.

The people have to realize that the only way to stop all this nonsense is to stop radically of consuming products from evil corporations as Microsoft. Each time that you consume these products, you are supporting these evil companies; who all the time are fighting for removing to you basic rights as citizen, as the right to fair use for example.

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"the issue here is with their ad revenue"

NOBODY has been able to prove that...
Can you demonstrate it? Obviously NOT... Clown!!!

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Don't use empty words FOR EVADING to give me a response to my initial question...

The fact and the point is that you can't demonstrate in a court that any organization (as The Pirate Bay) declared as non-profit could be a profit organization by the fact of accepting VOLUNTARY donations; at least that you are a retarded.

You know, the non-profit organizations accept VOLUNTARY donations from the people; and these organizations don't force to you to pay.

You know, 'The Pirate Bay' doesn't charge or force to you to pay for using their trackers, forums or community; in these circumstances, How could you prove that TPB is a profit organization?

But if you continue insisting in your nonsense, then, we could conclude (based in your stupidity) that ALL non-profit organizations (the pirate bay, ecologists, naturists, to help the endangered animals, etc..) are guilty for accepting VOLUNTARY donations from kind people... So stupid as this sounds; Is it your case in a court? You are a ridiculous and a clown.

But now talking by a moment about KIND people that help to others for nothing, only for the pleasure to do it. :-)

I always have admired these persons. Many of them don't have sufficient economical resources, but, even so, they help to others; because these persons have good feelings and heart; in opposition to rich people who don't care at all about others.

For example, The RIAA has not given a single penny for helping to their native country (USA) in these times of economical crisis; that people so vile and thankless for with their native country that has made to them rich.

But well, we have that understanding to the RIAA... They are one of the major COCAINE consumers on the world, and they spend a lot of money on this... Now, we already know in that "honorable" activity they spend many of their fortune gained illegally.

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"if you think the industry giving artists 7-14 cents from the sale of each album is "stealing" and "exploiting" then i can only imagine what derogatory terms you'd have for freeloading pirates who contribute 0%."


Exist a big difference IMBECILE.

SHARING is an UNIVERSAL RIGHT, and NOT a privilege; independently if this is done of digital way or physical way, and obviously, SHARING is a non-commercial operation, like so, profit or loss cannot be derived from SHARING, and NOBODY (including the useless and outdated RIAA) has been able to demonstrate the opposite.

Did you understand MONGOLOID? or maybe; Do you need more explanation?

With your rotten logic of that 'sharing is illegal' you are suggesting that EACH human being on this planet is a criminal, because obviously, EACH human being on this planet practices SHARING of digital way or physical way. This is a practice that is innate to the human nature... The copyright law MUST BE ABOLISHED, because is a stupid law; that don't represent to the MAJORITY of the people, this is a law made for protecting to a MINORITY of greedy, corrupt and rich people.

On the other hand, the real thieves are the PARASITES of the RIAA, because their COMMERCIAL operations are completely illegal... Paying to the musicians so low as 7% of the profits... Why? Don't deserve the musicians to be compensated better?

At least for me, paying on average 7% of the total profits to the artist is a SCAM and a ROBBERY.

These persons, the PARASITES from the RIAA, MUST go to the JAIL, at least for that my person and the MAJORITY of the people (who are reading my post) pruned to return to believe in the justice system, before not.

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I had not realized that 'stfu', 'freetard' and 'Reasoned Mind' are the same person.

You are right, these nicks always are posting the same nonsense, in the same way... that pathetic people, they are so MINORITY that need to have many nicks for trying to pretend that are more than ONE or TWO persons... very funny :-)

I bet that each of these TWO idiots have on average 70 years of age... Their responses are typical of obsolete, corrupt and withered old people. :-)

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are you imbecile or what?
didn't you understand?
I did ask for evidence, and you respond to me with conjectures...
You simply don't have evidence for supporting your stupid words, period.

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Reasoned Mind (the same troll in the past called 'Sam I Am');

I will put here the same question that I did a long time ago to you and that you didn't want to respond:

Could you explain me how I would be to feel motivated to support a multi billion corrupt industry (the RIAA) which has made ALL its fortune of STEALING and EXPLOITING the hard work and talent from the musicians, paying to the musicians only 7% to 14% from the sale of each album in the last 40 years?

For me, any person as you (Reasoned Mind = Sam I Am), who protects and defends something as rotten as this, is simply a whore who doesn't deserve any respect at all.

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The enormous cynicism of people as 'Jay' (who is an employee of the RIAA) doesn't know limits.

Sharing is not stealing, period.

Stealing is that the RIAA does in a daily basis:
Living as PARASITES exploiting the hard work and talent from the musicians, paying to the musicians only 7% to 14% from the sale of each album in the last 40 years.

What is your opinion of this, Jay? :-)

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"i sure hope the pirate bay doesn't have to give back the millions of dollars they've made off other people's hard work!"


Please, could you show to all of us the evidence to support your statement?

Until the moment, NOBODY has been able to prove that.

You are another imbecile RIAA troll talking bullshit and spreading misinformation.