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I applaud your decision to participate in the Carnival of Homeschooling. I've noticed more and more that people are finding ways to share differing views and opinions in a way that promotes understanding and furthers discussion. You do that very well. Definitely something that is needed in today's world which seems all too filled with rancor and blame.

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After spending the last few weeks with mormon relatives, I remember all too well why I moved to California. This all-pervasive religiosity is so suffocating to me, I'm pretty much immobilized. No comment or action is without religious overtones. Happily, I return to California on Monday.

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That was fun. I was off by a minimum of 4 years, some by 10.

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I think scoundrels and con men flourish in religious settings. After all, if the marks have already been scammed to believe the unbelievable, the next con is effortless. I was always amazed at how the mormons in Utah fell prey to the schemes perpetuated by the "good brethern." The pitfalls of cognitive dissonance.

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Indeed, not a surprise. One reason I joined AU and am working on plan to reincarnate Jefferson. The walls of separation are seriously breached.

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When things get tough, I personally clap for Tinkerbell. Makes me feel much better even if nothing else changes.

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How great to have the new furry housemates. I bet Apollo and Gemini are loving their new home.

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"Shrink Your Tweets" actually brought to mind a service that would psychoanalyze your tweets. Does such a thing exist yet? Could be fun. As for squeezing more into twitter -- defeats the purpose.

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I'm not sure, but I think there may be something linking fireworks, Christian extremism, anti-intellectualism, and pronounced social conservatism along with pseudopatriotism.