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It's Mud Pie for simplistic value, and Maudlin, for the learned. (Think she certainly had one demigoddess in tears at the end of her poetry session. The Vogons would love to learn from her.)

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Since she had spiky hair like an anime character and dressed in commando-getup.

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Best Princess has priorities. The cake won't eat itself, fool!

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Grayson? Like... Dick Grayson, Batman's first Robin? Epic.

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To be fair, the point of dressing in provocative clothing is to BE provocative and to draw the eye. To make one more pleasing to look at. Don't listen to the crap about "wearing these clothes makes us feel pretty", because that's a complete mental block on the fact that whether or not one feels pretty is based on how they expect others to perceive them. Aka: Dress like that, you want people to look. Sexualizing yourself is literally the expression of the thought 'I want people to want me.'

I hate the fact people use that tired line. Yes, dressing up like a prostitute DOES actually increase your chance of being raped. It is still the rapist's fault, but as far as I'm concerned the person who's effectively baiting and teasing has some measure of fault for not taking preventive measures. But that's a lesson in human hormones and biochemistry, and the evil and greed of humanity. Read: Humanity, not specifically males. Rape goes both ways.

Thus, as far as I'm concerned, this does not in any way apply to this situation. There's no biological imperative being thrown around here clouding someone's judgement helping someone become an evil and rapacious monster for the rest of their life who deserves to die. No tempting or teasing. This is a a boy with a backpack. Don't make rape comparisons for something like that.

What we have here is NC being backwater as fuck, protecting bullies, not protecting victims. This kid did nothing that even invites being attacked. No doubt the parents of these bullies aren't even punishing their kids for it, either. Probably the ones who taught the little bastards to treat people this way.

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Obviously they all need to praise the sun.

Up with Her Divine Grace, Dawnmother Celestia!

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Just like how Pinkie is clearly Michaelangelo, AJ is Leonardo, and Dash is Raphael. They messed up all over the place.

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This is still her vision, and Hasbro did NOT work to see it done. They just handed her money, which they have oodles of anyway (they gave her only a shoestring budget) and told her to be done within a timeframe. She and the crew she personally assembled slaved almost nonstop with pressure from Hasbro above trying to insert things they wanted to trick brats into telling their parents to buy toys, while Faust and her team worked harder than you've ever worked in your life to put together something that was an actual show and not just a sales wank alone.

She gets credit because she did something nigh-impossible, and the result was greater than anyone could imagine. How about you sit down and pop a cork in it.

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They're dead.