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Excellent article, makes sense on so many levels, thanks for sharing

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Fair Play to Basil...by miles and miles the most pragmatic unionist politician out there

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That is a fair and well balanced comment, all the more points to a new neutral flag that can appease all sections of the community....in reality however there is more chance of Ireland sinking into the sea!

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Q: Can I please have whatever you are smoking edmondde :)

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I find it hard to disagree you JSavo, perhaps it is best said that unfortunately, more so than others, Willie has become a product of his own environment!

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Maybe, and of course one finds it hard to imagine such loses....but its one thing to be bitter and a completely other thing to spout this bitterness upon easily seduced and naive unionists/loyalists. His views are clearly provoking even more hatred and tension among the peoples at a time when we are teetering on the brink of a complete breakdown in community relations......an absolute JOKER!

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Has anyone bothered to browse Williams website, 'FAIR'......it really is striking and painfully obvious how bitter and twisted this man is. Without sounding totally biased it also seems that alot of these people he interviews are totally bereft of any common sense and do not have the least modicum of intelligence. It paints a pretty awful picture of grassroots unionism. The writing is on the wall my friends.

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As each day goes by Northern Ireland continues to sink into the mire at an alarming rate. Hutchinson and his ilk should be more concerned with the fact that it is illegal and certainly unjust to deny the democratic will of the people...Can anyone answer me this, why is there so much hatred and bigotry spilling out from these people? In the years ahead there is certainly going to be plenty more "concessions" made by the unionist community, so will this be an on-going trend?

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"It may be under pressure from dissident republicans to demonstrate a tough line with unionists but it must not forget that it is in partnership in a country where a majority of people still see themselves as British"

Well Ed, only 48% (40% outright) of the population see themselves as British. How you find this to be a majority is beyond me.

I think you need to wake up and smell the roses my friend <span class="idc-smiley"><span style=""><span>:)</span></span></span>

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to 'instigate trouble' by many over zealous youths does not warrant the armys reactions that day, provies or no provies. By Gay Byrnes reckoning along with your goodself and many others here we should paint Nelson Mandela with the same brush....a man who has won many accolades including the nobel peace prize....yet the two of them go hand in hand but it is McGuiness who continues to be hounded by some quarters in society