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We all know that "Kid" has some issue with what race he/she was born in to. He/she is locked into that mindset. Kid, all I want to say is the majority of this country has moved far past what race or nationality a person is. The question of the day is, do we hold conservative values, or do we want to become an European type of S-word type of Country?

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Buddy, the problem is that most of us know in our gut, that Obama is unqualified to be President of the US. We all understand the historical significance of the first African-American President, but so far, he has been greatly lacking in any leadership abilities. He really comes across as a person who has no idea what he is doing. This is not unsurprising, because he is totally unprepared in any experience in a decision making capability. He has no clue what to do. We all know it. He wants to go far left, - the majority of us don't want to, but he wrongly thinks that he has a mandate to go in that direction.

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There is no shame in checking your own breasts for lumps - I'm glad you haven't found any either. Hooray!

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The 13th of any month is very important to me. I was born on a Monday of the 13th of a month, and my granddaughter, (who has somehow stolen my face and hair), was born on a Friday of the 13th of a month. I give my mixed Chihuahua dogs their heart worm medication on the 13th, and I bath them, and file their nails down. I also check my breast for lumps on this day - so far, no lumps. Friday the 13th has never been an unlucky day for me. Thirteen has always been a joyful day for me.

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Geithner always brings to my mind, some little kind of Irish elf. I don't know why, but he just does.

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Hmm, how much did your 401(k) grow, after at least 1/3 of it was lost after it was known that a President that is far left of center would be elected? I'll bet my 3 1/2 year granddaughter that you came no where close to the 1/3 you lost. We keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting, for our newly elected President to inform us exactly what his plan is, to set our economy on the straight and narrow. So far, he just dances around this question that we are all waiting to hear. Remember the "Not ready for prime time players". Obama is the classic case for the "Not ready to be a President of a country".

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Are you serious? Nancy is a blithering idiot who believes that she is the "Real President" and BoBo is her puppet. I am amazed that this egotistic, power grabbing, empty skirt, is able to get re-elected by the people in California. Are most of the people in CA abusing some kind of drug?

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This is my deer story. I used to live in a suburb of Maryland that backed up to a small stream. The stream had small stands of trees on both sides of it. One night, I looked into my backyard and was surprised to see eight deers standing in my yard. It was really special, - because it was Christmas Eve.

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I don't know GK, it seems more people everyday are starting to believe that Obama is incompetent. So far, he hasn't shown any leadership skills, and there are no signs of any intelligence that I can see. He seems to be of average intelligence, and not any good at speaking for his self, without prescripted words for him to say. The current President is suppose to be leader of his political party, but it's clear that Nancy Pelosi is the leader of his political party, and calls all the shots.

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Is he going to visit relatives of his?