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Agreed that Stack's writing spanned both sides of the spectrum. It would surprise me, though, to find a true conservative agreeing with much if anything he said. The comments at Huffpo were alarming...although those could have been "communist anarchists"! :)
Can you link your post?

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Despicable. #p2 on twitter was equally disturbing on the night of Rush's health scare and when Tony Snow passed away.

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The idea of Obama in bvds was not a visual I needed. But, hilarious, nevertheless. :D

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I agree, which is what surprised me about Hitchens' tenacious attack. I assume it's a personal issue, plus a little sarcasm on his part. I responded in kind. :)

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This didn't surprise me. I laughed about it. I offer the truth, but understand that if it's not this, it's something else (the lost gospels/ tomb of Jesus, ad nauseam). It will not end until...the end. :)

Thanks for posting this.

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I would check out Astute...if I didn't feel like they were screeching at me with their penchant for capital letters.

Like him or not, AP brings traffic and his wit is *nearly* matchless. I doubt he'd be offered such a deal/position if he'd truly "outlived his usefulness."

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I'm actually more surprised that Romney was in Business class!

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Oh, Shaun. Even when I post something I think you just *might* agree with, you still must pick a bone with me about something. I'm starting to suspect I'm special to you! :P

If you noticed, I DID, in fact disapprove of this sort of "logic." But, if this sort of reasoning is excluded from legislation, and the end result is no micro chipping for humans, then, explain to me why this is a bad thing?

Kind of like an anti abortion Christian activist who opposes the practice on grounds of human worth endowed by God, yet, working side by side with a pro life atheist naturalist who decries the practice as the destruction of a living being. Right? Different ideology, same end goal. Win.

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Ignore? Nah...I have too much fun laughing at it.

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This actually sent me into such a fit of giggles I could barely contain myself. It's beyond preposterous.