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Really interesting. It's not the first time Anthro has been accused of stealing artists' works without so much as a thank you. But then - they've been on both sides of the fence. http://modeknit.com/2011/12/14/so-uncool-anthropo... http://slog.thestranger.com/2008/09/ruffles_and_r... http://www.fastcodesign.com/3020194/how-a-company... http://www.law360.com/articles/136718/anthropolog...

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Have you tried Boden? I've been getting their catalogs in the mail for a while but haven't bitten yet. Am wondering if they're as cute IRL as in print. They do have quirky prints and natural fibers, which is a plus. ...I've also heard snarky talk about how a 'Boden gal' is easy to make fun of in the UK - but nothing we really need to worry about across the pond.

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Oh no, so bummed I missed this Emaline dress! The colors are much more to my liking with the deeper cooler tones. Thanks for mentioning it though. I haven't been paying much attention to Anthro things lately. Lucky gal, glad you were able to hunt it down. It's so true about Tracy Reese; I typically need to size up by at least two in this brand if not more. I think the brand runs more toward UK than US sizing.

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I kind of love the Sunfield dress. It's made of cotton (a must for me in hot weather, has a cute print (love orange+blues), it has a v-neck, AND comes in petites. Those last two kind of put it over the edge for me. The first thing I look at when deciding is material, then color and fit. V-necks done well are hard to come by for some reason, so this is going to the top of my to try-and-maybe-buy list. I kind of wish they had it in a more contrasting print or deeper jewel tones though.

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You should email or call CS to have them send you one. I got my June discount via email on June 1 from Anthropologie@email2.anthropologie.com

The discount is good for online or in-store. (Guess they're doing away with the cute mailers? My email has a barcode to scan in addition to an online code.)

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I love the blue sleeveless summer dress - but I might love it even more in mint!

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LOVE Jensine 1and also Joanna 1. Both seem to have captured a definite mood and atmosphere. The framing on Aliza 3 is quite clever.

I like how Jensine 1 focused on the art and mood, instead of just an obvious big object (the bed, or the dresser). The different shades of blue on that wall is beautiful! And I love the fading dog-eared effect created by the light/shadows at the corners of the pic. It's such a gorgeous shot.

I appreciate how Joanna 1 was able to get the full floor display through a window, without a ton of glare, at quite an interesting angle. I like how the focus is pulled toward the ceiling light, and the viewer is sort of drawn to viewing this "room within a room."

Aliza 3's photo warrants a longer look, not only because of the (literal!) framing technique used, but also of the weird eerie quality of the scene. We're taken out of the action at the cash register not only by distance but also by reflection, which for me is interesting but also a little unsettling. It's kind of like an Edward Hopper painting, to be quite honest. It's not for me immediately at the surface a lovely shot, but the more I look at it, the more I admire it's contemplative qualities.

Well done, all!

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Me too! I have this skirt, and want to utilize this pattern mixing too.

Kimmie - you're a pattern mixing queen. The outfit is so adorable.

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Yeah, I clicked on that link too and was disappointed that it didn't seem to be the shorts at all! Hopefully they will fix it soon.