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8 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Awesome Response from ... · 1 reply · +4 points

Loved the updated Reddit post, the father wrote that he read Lauren's letter at a family gathering and the little girl was really happy.

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Wow Lauren responded. Go Lauren!

8 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Why Would Hasbro Rip U... · 2 replies · +5 points

I agree Hasbro didn't do anything bad here but it'd be a win-win to just apologize to the mother and little girl and send her some Pony toys and maybe have Meghan call her.

8 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Why Would Hasbro Rip U... · 0 replies · +4 points

Ok I hate to be the cynical one here but. Why did she send this to Hasbro?

Should've called someone like Meghan McCarthy or contacted her on Twitter. Its hard to reach people like her but its better odds than just sending a letter to Hasbro HQ in LA. And sorry but Hasbro proabably has some unhappy person working on minimum wage who has proabably never heard of FIM who opens these. These kinds of low level people are clueless and dont see the potential PR fallout or even that it was a 10 year old girl.

Finally why is it such a big deal that they shredded it? Ok it was kinda of mean (and funny) but did she tell her daughter that they shredded it? Why mention it to her? With that said I will spread the word about this because it is a little girl and Hasbro is kinda of a jerky mega corporation that needs to be taken down a peg (wouldn't give Faust a writers room) and because I love drama.

Update: One correction I know see it was Rachelle Little someone pretty high up and not a low level mail reader. My bad.

8 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Why Would Hasbro Rip U... · 8 replies · +5 points

"and was published by Horse News"

They are not unreliable. If they had published it first exclusively you might have a point but it was published on Reddit. Anyway she posted pics of her daughters room.

8 years ago @ Equestria Daily - EQLA Lauren Faust Pane... · 1 reply · +15 points

"After pausing, Lauren told the crowd that she was going to be honest. She feels that she isn't missed. She feels that no one can tell the difference between what she worked on, and when she was gone. She feels that all the work she did was for nothing."

Here's my theory. She's not talking about fan chatter but the continued success of the show as the metric for her not being missed. She was very bitter about leaving/being let go from the show and she would've preferred the show quickly get cancelled after 3-4 seasons. But the fact the show went on without her and in fact has gone to Season 5 going on 6 is very upsetting to her not to mention Equestria Girls and a full length feature film. I bet its like seeing a ex-boyfriend get married and have kids while you're still single.

So that's what she means by she feels she isn't missed.

8 years ago @ Equestria Daily - EQLA Lauren Faust Pane... · 4 replies · +23 points

I'm very angry at Lauren.

The reason is I frequently see Meghan get tweets telling her the show isn't as good as when Lauren was in charge and she NEVER ONCE responded with a curt message. One time I saw someone on Twitter tell Meghan that they preferred the episodes she was in charge compared to the ones with Faust in charge. And that person had tagged Lauren's Twitter handle so Lauren could see it on her feed, which she did and replied she would prefer they not tag her name if they were going to put her down like that. Perfectly understandable but this is the context for what I'm going to say next.

The idea that she is underappreciated or forgotten is extremely laughable as Larson's attitude towards that will tell you. Now I can understand why she might be a little insecure and not being in the fandom bubble how she could feel that way but I just have to roll my eyes at Lauren playing the victim and all the Bronies acting like she's the wounded party and giving her standing ovations and giant portraits of her OC and showering her with love.

Not because Lauren doesn't deserve that but because Meghan McCarthy gets treated very poorly by comparison. Now is Meghan at Lauren's level? No. She didn't not create the show. Meghan will never be Lauren. And obviously there has been a lot of criticism at how the show has become under Meghan's tenure. At the same time she has been good at becoming the face of the show. She does the interviews, she does the cons, she does the press. She's pretty funny on Twitter, I think she's affable. I think she's a good face of the show in terms of the writing staff at least.

I think she is treated with respect and admiration by most of the fandom but there is a large vocal minority that treats her with disrespect. If ANYONE should've had that kind of "I dont feel appreciated" moment its Meghan McCarthy not Lauren Faust. I feel so bad for Meghan. Part of me wishes Meghan would just quit the show and perhaps get to make a show of her own so she could succeed or fail without having to be in Lauren's shadow.

Maybe this is all in my head and Meghan couldn't care less. Who knows. But I would really like to know how Meghan feels deep inside. It just galling how Lauren hasn't worked on the show for years, been very lukewarm towards what the show has become and now has to suck up all the love and appreciation and on top of that has to claim the mantle of "unsong hero" as well.

Also note Lauren didn't congratulate Meghan for her promotion to head of storytelling for Hasbro properties while Meghan congratulated Lauren on Medusa on Twitter.

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She's doing another one in 20 minutes, so it's 9:42pm Pacific Standard time where I'm at.

If you're sorry you missed it the first time this is your chance.

10 years ago @ Equestria Daily - Lauren Faust Answers a... · 4 replies · +16 points

Here's what I believe happened.

Lauren tweeted a photo of the Equestria Girls dolls.

So various threads on 4chan discussing Lauren's tweet. Then someone named "Lauren Faust (really)" started posting on a thread, and nobody paid much attention to it until Lauren confirmed it was her on Twitter, then she wanted to secure the tripcode and that got people on 4chan really excited then she finally appeared after like an hour and started asking questions.

Reading it was a pain because of the sheer number of posts, it took like 6 minutes to load every refresh.

And it turned into a big party with moot joining then later Seth, Mandopony and Purple Tinker. Kinda like one of those exclusive Oscar after-parties but everyone invited.

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They should not read their @replies on their Twitter.

There are always going to be people saying mean things to you if you are person that works in the entertainment industry, sports, politics, etc.

If they really wanted to gauge the public reaction they should've used a second party, like someone who works in Everfree Radio.

I feel sorry if people said nasty things to them but it's not a brony or MLP thing, it's just the nature of the internet.

Now if people are actually calling their personal phone numbers or writing them snailmail with nasty comments that's crossing the line. But online comments directed at their Twitter is nothing extraordinary.