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Woot, you guys posted it! Sweet! :D

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Haha, what? Ponyphonic dragged into this? I'm sorry that blew my mind a little, since the whole comment thread of this post is about his latest song. That's like it being a thread about the sky and being annoyed that someone mentioned the color blue. So like, don't feel bad, seriously, re-read TiM's original comment if you must, there's no malice there, towards ponyphonic or anypony else. Everyone here in this discussion has the utmost respect for ponyphonic, promise :)

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Mist, I don't see a problem, just feels like you're making drama out of nothing dude. I don't see TiM insulting anyone in his post. And just for the record, ponyphonic didn't compose this song, his father did. Take your own advice and chillax my friend.

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Yeah, doesn't feel like Twilight to me either, not even remotely. Honestly, as it was written by his father, not him, I see this more as him supporting his dad with the exposure the brony fandom gives. It's accompanied by PMV, a first for one of his videos, and that's all it really is to me. Might as well be another sad song like 'in the arms of an angel' with clips from the show tacked on.

It's not a bad song in itself, and if I heard it without associating it with Twilight, I might even like it. But it just doesn't feel like a good fit to me, and it kinda spoils the otherwise decent song.

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It was written by his dad and it shows, isn't infused with pony lyrics like his past songs. Previous songs (penned by him) captured the essence of the character singing it, don't feel that here. Not a bad song, but not to my taste. It feels tacked on to Twilight. Not what I was expecting when I heard about a new ponyphonic song! I love ponyphonic's songs, but this really isn't his, it's his dad's.

The message of Twilight leaving her friends doesn't really fit in well with FiM either. So... it's a good song, but just, doesn't feel like a good fit here. So, not for me, i'll pass on this one, and hope the next ponyphonic song is actually you know, composed by ponyphonic himself.

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Most excited for Plants vs Zombies, Garden Warfare. Blargh! I'm trying to be excited about KH3 but ugh, I really do not want to dig through all the handheld KH games to figure out where the plot is, and simply reading a summary of it isn't good enough for me. Also making me nervous is that in my opinion, recent final fantasies have been absolute garbage when it comes to gameplay and story the past few years.

Favorite FF is FFX, but holy crap FFX-2 makes me want to summon a meteor to Earth that would cause the next extinction event.

And yeah, as a long time Sony user their ownage of Microsoft makes me smile. Until I realize a lot of the people that drive me nuts are now going to be switching over, and I worry that if Microsoft got shoved out of the picture, a lazy monopoly would turn Sony into an even greater greed demon than anyone could have imagined. Yuck. DONOTWANT.JPG!

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My p00r br41n x___x

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This trailer actually got me pretty goddamn excited for this thing. Can't wait!

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Sounds about right to me, eeyup

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#3 made me feels up some tears. Love it.