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I am part of this fandow since shortly after it began , meaning since the middle of the first season.
I am not the most active member , that I readilly admit , but I am still here , and intend to be here till the end.
Truth be told , I haven't even watched the last season , because I find the newer episodes lacking in something . Maybe that's the writters , maybe that's just me being too used to storytelling to be surprised anymore... but I stick with the fandom anyway , because we have wonderfull artists creating awesome or cute pony content ; and skilled writters writting genuinely interesting scenarii that actually sometimes suprise me.
(Which is saying something , I litteraly grew up in a library.)
So , is the fandom dying ? No , I think not.
Keep being awesome artists !

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A dice or something related to luck I suppose...
It's a given fact amonst my relative that I have the worst RNG ever , so maybe a special talent in being unlucky.

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Site back up... well kind of. It kind of struggle to load anything for now.
Regarding the story well...I will pass.
I was a pokemon fan when I was younger and even did some competitive battling ...but nowadays the pokemon setting and what it implies disgust me. When you think about it , this setting still is about capturing sentient being by beatting them up , capturing them against their will when their are near death, treating them like possessions (they are effectives put into slavery) and making them battle against their will (sometimes to death)... and depending on interpretations , you can add mind control (or brainwashing) to that to make the pokemon accept his trainer. Seriously dark , without even considering evil teams or trainers. (The only good guy in the entire franchise was N , and he was treated as the enemy...)
So yeah , at story that take it even further , not for me.

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I would if Chrysalis , my Queen , allowed me to.
Mostly for a chance to encounter a cute batpony mare.
Exotic love and all that ... Plus Luna , of course

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Applejack : Top
Twilight : Mid
Rainbow Dash : ADC
Fluttershy : Support
Pinkie : Jungler

Sorry , can't think of anything else when I hear this song.

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Ouaip , ce meet-up était vraiment pas mal.
J'ai vraiment passé un bon moment , aux cartes et au Fighting is Magic notamment. Pour ça probablement aussi qu'on me voit pas beaucoup sur les images ^^'
(Ah si , un bout de Chrysalis qui traine... )

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Seems like I missed something around here , which is to be expected given my rather lackluster attendance record. Some périod of unrest I gather ?

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I am not around here much so I don't know the objective value of one of those coming from me but... how well...

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Goodnight !

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Congratulation !
I would make an overused joke , but then I would have to shoot myself in the foot so I am going to leave it at that.