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Share the bed? Does that make MSNBC a bunch of prostitutes? Worse! They don't charge. They call those WH#(#S!

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About the closest group I can compare today's unions to are Socialist and Marxist. Their members tend to be bully's and they believe they can intimidate the American people, and companies, to give them what they want or else. The only other group that reminds me of them is the MOB! Seems like some of them were in the mob and are still missing aren't they? Oh, and stole their retirement plans blind and used the money to build in Las Vegas, huh Teamsters? The good ole days. They aint ever coming back because the American people have your number now.! Thugs!


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I hope no American ever dies to protect these scum bags.

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If i'm not mistaken, the dead voters of Chicago gave President Kennedy his election. Democrats: The walking dead - voter!

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Thank you MSNBC! You have don'e even more to Keep Fox leading the train. You can just stay the caboose for the as# end of the line just suits you so well.

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I love West. OMG! I'm White, can I say that about a BLACK MAN? Damn right when he is a Common sense Conservative and salt of the earth. He can run for President in the future and will have my vote.

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American Citizens are waking up, as if from a long sleep, to find that their government is filled with Socialist and Marxist, especially in the SEIU, that justice and truth are no longer relevant, that a nation that proclaims that it is a nation of laws means that it is a nation of laws for the politicians and lawyers. The average citizen has been raped and pillaged by the system and one day their will be an accounting in America when the people rise up. I only hope I am still alive to see the trials.

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Thank you for your point of view. I put together a new ticket this evening and blogged the Palin/Bachmann ticket. That would make Obama and the Democrats pee their pants. With what have had to vote for, I think they woul kick donkey. Also, there are more conservatives and women who vote. Just maybe women would see past the crap they have been fed by the Socialist Democrats (a title they are starting to repeat from themselves in that I remember reading a quote by a politician that said that was really what they were.)

Thnaks for your article. Now we just need to get two women running on the same ticket in the next election. That woud be REAL change, not w couple of guys running things.

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Connie: I believe the reason we didn't was because we are trying to build bridges to the press. We have made some inroads, but if they continue to be obtuse, we will fall on them like a ton of bricks. We are giving them rope. I hope they use it to help hang bridges because if they don't it will be used to hang their business results when we ask Patriots to stop advertising. What the press seems to realize is that a majority of their successful clients are CONSERVATIVE. They can be filled with Progressive news departments, but there is a price if htey are not fair.

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Thanks for the update. The Tea Party Patriots have worked hard. Who are they? Ordinary citizens in extraordinary times lighting the love of freedom and liberty; standing on the bedrock of the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. Keep up the great work! This is a turning point in our nation that will be looked back on in history and it will have Conservative Values written all over it. The Progressive/Liberals are trying to lead America to the precipice of Socialism, where is she falls, there will never be an opportunity to rise again into the fabulous Nation America is and was meant to be by our founding fathers