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Asami and Bolin taking up crime-fighting in Republic City? Batsami and Roblin. Lin can be Commissioner Bai Fong. I WILL PAY MONEY FOR THIS.

Oh my gosh that would be the most amazing thing ever. Can I have this please? I mean I already somehow wound up shipping Bosami hardcore like burning. Making them a full-fledged Battle Couple would just make me die of happiness.

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Hey let's have some super sad Noatok and Amon fanvids, because you didn't need those hearts anyway.

Linking because of spoilers for the final episode.

Safe and Sound by AwakeningEden

Hide and Seek by littlebitcrazi2

Lullaby by Puja7230924

Shattered by TheMusicTouch

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I will join you in appreciating Asami! She is beautiful and badass and I want her hair so much. Gorgeous.






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Ah ha ha oh man this episode.

This was about how my shipper feelings went, up to this episode:

Episode 2- "Hmm... tingling slightly for Makorra. Not committed yet."
Episode 3- "Oh totally committed. Makorra and Pemzin baby!"
Episode 4- "Aww, okay Borra and Masami and Bosami are cute too! I ship all the ships! Everything is wonderful!"
Episode 5- "OH GODS ABORT ABORT ABORT! ABANDON SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!" *scuttles all the boats, jumps in the water and starts swimming far FAR away*

Ugh, yeah. My feelings for Makorra never quite recovered after this episode. I just... I can't with love triangles and infidelity plotlines and heartbreak and love drama and love rivals getting screwed over and just NO DO NOT WANT GO AWAY.

That being said, I didn't hate this episode as much as most of the fandom did. I just got really massive amounts of secondhand embarrassment.

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(General ATLA spoilers.)

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V qb guvax V jbhyq unir yvxrq n fprar va gur svanyr fcryyvat gung bhg gubhtu. Orpnhfr vg frrzf n ybg bs gur snaqbz zvffrq vg.

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We don't see the elves again after Helm's Deep because they're all dead. None of them survived the battle. The movie doesn't explicitly come out and say that but I think the dwindling numbers and the focus shift to the humans makes it pretty clear that the Lorien elves are all gone. (Also I have this amazing official book on the weapons and armor of the Lord of the Rings films and that *does* explicitly say all the elves died.)

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I love that game! But no one ever wants to play with me. 'cause the filmmaking category always stumps them. And I'd win every time.

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Who don't wear pants.

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Yeah, after Bilbo's eleventy-first birthday party. Several years later.

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Okay, so this film is playing it like Gandalf KNEW that Bilbo's ring was the One Ring. That... doesn't make sense. Kind of makes Gandalf look like a douche.

"Oh hey, your ring is actually the brainchild of all evil! But lol don't worry about that, your nephew will come take care of it down the line."