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God bless the righteous legacy of Andrew Breitbart. his family, and his country.

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The best we're ever going to get from our Senator's, and Congress person's is grandstanding speeches of outrage from the Floor or the Well.
The Senate and Congress no longer reflect the Spirit of America...The rule of Law. No quarter for tyrants. My country before my Party. Justice for all. Fierce Independence.

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Liberal's, Democrat's (same thing) Are not only the true racists, but they always display a degrading disregard for women. It's the only thing that explains why all the female icon's of the feminist movement are never outraged by Muslim men that murder women in the name of "honor."

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Our cousin's across the pound have become cowards.

I will never go to the UK because decent and innocent people cannot even defend their life and property there.

Mr. Bostom, your informing us of what Muslim teachers believe about dhimmitude is indeed "bone-chilling."

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Again with the blanket accusation of teachers. Again with the snark.

No one ever said a thing about "sympathy." When you have to mischaracterize what is clearly written for all to see it reveals how disingenuous your already petty character is.

Your need to use a story about a murderous attack on minors just to make cat-calls in a comment thread is a classless act regardless if you have sympathy or not.

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Wow! Nice bitch slap, you exposed Tony's embarrassing and utter foolishness in two short sentences.

That was fun.

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100% correct! Obama is a Jew hater like his negligent dad, and his mentor the "Rev" Jeremiah Wright.

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One Iranian frigate the "Sahand " was sunk, and another the "Sabalan" was severely damaged. I believe both of these were British made. The US Navy had multiple Harpoon missiles fired at it. Some after action reports suggested that Silk worm missiles may have been fired at us from sites on shore. (This could not be confirmed)

Not to mention the two armed offshore oil rigs that Iran was operating. I think that's a little more then a skirmish with some speed boats.

It happened in 1987, and it was a major air/sea engagement. Still, your point cannot be "was quick and easy."
We lost two wonderful American servicemen in that engagement, Capt. Stephen C. Leslie,
and Capt. Kenneth W. Hill.
Thank the Lord for their lives and service.

Operation "Praying Mantis."

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The second time you come just to pop-off, and you still have no thought or compassion for the innocent that was murdered, and those still fighting for their lives.

Hey nuts, there is nothing decent about you.

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We don't even have to speculate how Reagan would handle the murdering tribal savages in Iran. He would blast their Kaaba Stone worshiping hides back to the stone age where they come from.

He did it to them with our Navy when Iran was mining the Strait of Hormuz. Our Navy destroyed Iranian ships, and harbors by the order of our Commander and Chief Ronald Reagan.