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So none of us have to send in our tax money any more, right, because....(1) this Pretender is in the White House and (2) because Freedom Fries!

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So when the old White Men who are the base of the Republican Party elect this very bright individual our new President, do I have to throw alway all the Harvey Milk Forever postage stamps that were issued under the Obama Administration?

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"Words are his job," she says sneeringly. WTF does she think she does for a living?

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The Starr Report revealed that, in addition to the cigar incident and all those b j's, President Bill would often j.o. into a little sink somewhere in the White House, while he had phone sex. This image of the most powerful man in the world being reduced to such an adolescent froth of lust-driven spent energy is the reason why Vladimir Putin, who spends his off-hours wrestling tigers, is rubbing our face in the dog s**t today. So maybe Fox News should be paying more attention to it than Bengazzi.

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"...whom I've started to think of as poor Obama." The f***wads she supports would have had Putin incinerating us by now, in response to their hothead reactions to the s""t he's been pulling in Ukraine.

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So glad Christie shat his pants in front of this wizened sugar daddy.

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Roll the cameras back two months. The Republicans were salivating over the possibility that this individual would lead their party to an immense victory over the party whose standard bearer talks about the price of arugula when he wants to make a point about the economy. What does that say about where their head is at?

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Watch the Steve Kornacki videos available all over the place. Bridgegate was all about a monster REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT right next to the ramps going onto the bridge (the ramps that Christie's "aides" shut down.) Hoboken, too, was all about a monster REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT project. $$$$$$$ trumps "endorsements."

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"Jerkiing around?" Is that the substitution phrase utilized by those too lady-like to dare to type the words JERKING OFF?

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Begins to bigtime resemble Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984. ENEMY OF THE STATE!!!!