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Meth is moving around in SL as well nowadays?? This is very serious and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.
If Meth comes into contact with the youth and young adults in the clubbing scene (which probably has happened already), the results could be absolutely devastating for our small but ambitious country.
Officers of the Law and Government, please take down serious notes on the development of this case and similar ones!

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Yes, thats it ask the difficult questions and catch these law-breakers by their necks and everything else that is hanging out.
Money is the root of all evil they say, but this evil should not be entertained to persist in this beautiful land any longer.
Please extend the full extent of the law to these questionable individuals.

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This is a great committed and spiritted promise. Expecting results within the allotted timeframe given to complete this promise, or should I say "Promise"??
Prove me wrong, I dare you good Sir.

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What a statement with confidence! Highly doubt this figure Sir.
People care more about their lives and loved ones, than turning up to vote responsibly; rather than to see the victory of a family run business who will triumph by any means possible by pulling wool over majority of their voter's eyes either way!
Save it. Just do your country proud at least this time around by the law and books.

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Great, swift lawful action needs to be taken with cultural heritage sites such as these even not considered to be debated about before demolition. Preposterous behaviour from those in authority in this area. No value whatsoever for heritage of their own country, only personal gain.

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Finally justice will prevail; even if he is innocent this needs to be seen through in the proper manner, as then even the big-shot politicians will realize finally, that absolutely no one is above and beyond the laws of the land. Hats off to this!

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These should not even be on news as prison facilities need to be given proper and adequate security personnel as well as proper equipment in order to curb these idiotic behaviour and practices, which seriously undermine present authorities in the field and make government look hilariously bad.

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Great to see cleaning-of-house being implimented in this area finally.
AG and colleagues need to take a more active role for politically motivated and affiliated strong-arming as well in order to make wrong-doer's shiver at the thought of avoiding the justice system which is in-place, in this country.
Keep it coming good Sir!

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Easy to criticize the government from your viewpoint Sir, as the challenges have been many for the present government, although handling of same haven't been great to be honest.
However he does have avery valid constructive criticism point, if you read the article clearly and understand it before blindly commenting through biased perspectives.
All he is saying is the government is turning a blind eye to pandemic affected youth who have lost their jobs due to same and they have not addressed the issue, which is a fact quite honestly.
One does wonder though how the President and government officials will react to this statement, and with what plan for the affected youth?

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The Department of Wildlife in SL should've been thourough checked for proper training and quality as well as controlled environment management for rare species such as the native Leopards in SL, when the first one was badly mishandled and killed after taking it down a tree erroneously a few months ago.
The day our politicians stop pussy-footing around and deal with situations properly and timely is when this country will even begin to have hope quite honestly.