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You seem to be missing this:

Katie: Anyone else think that Archie shouldn't have been with Veronica?
Crowd: Woo!
Katie: Yeah, she was a bitch.
Crowd laughs, interviewers cringe.

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I would have done this, but I'm not old enough and I despise needles.

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She's like Toph. She knows how to behave, she just chooses not to.

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I liked True Blue, but that's also the name of their frequent flyer program.

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They also have a tv for every seat and decent leg room. I have been using JetBlue for about 10 years and they are easily my favorite airline.

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I don't get all this South Park hate in the comments. It's a funny, clever show that emphasizes the less desirable parts of society. FiM is a show that tells stories about the various deep characters, with beautiful animation and music. They are really completely different genres, but because they are animated they are just grouped together. The DHX crew definitely puts much more effort into there work they Trey and Matt, and deserved the award. At the end of the day, I might want to watch ponies, but I might want to learn about how Broadway shows are all a conspiracy to get women to give their husbands blowjobs, too, though I can't really watch South Park with my parents very comfortably.

tl;dr very different shows, I like them both

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50 bits for a haircut? Missed opportunity for a shave and a haircut joke.

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15mb is crazy? I've been scanning my pictures at 1200 dpi, 100mb+. Kind of a waste considering I'm not that good...