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Your link to website does not work. Thanks!

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As a rocket rider, I promised my mother years ago when I first got it that I would never get on the freeway, EVER. As she says, it's the speed when you slam into the ground that will kill you. Luckily I live in an area to where I don't need to get on I-5 to get where I'm going. But I have had several close calls where people in cars just are not paying attention and almost hit me. I have downed twice because of it. I don't go fast, I don't driver irratically, and I do have full coverage - just in case. But the past few weeks I have refused to get on my bike just because of all the crashes going on. It's sad and horrible, and a little creepy just enough for me not to tempt fate that much. Am I the only one with that eerie feeling?

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From where I shop in Bellingham, they give me a five cent discount when I use my canvas bags, for every one that I use. I notice the discount when I shop at Freddies. I'm not one of those 'green is great' people, but I do have a lovely selection of colorful canvas bags in their own cloth bag.

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So is there an Amber Alert out for Lok? And who has custody of him, his father? I hope he is found safe and they put the boyfriend in jail along with the mother. My eyes are peeled for him.

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So what ever happened to the baby? It says she is only being charged with aggravated murder... not murders. This is shocking all around.

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I am not excusing anything for what this POS did. Not at all. I'm just wondering details about the case. Like what kind of puppy? How old was said puppy? I only wonder because I could not fathom every doing this to any dog, let alone a puppy. But look at my dog. He was once a puppy. Even being a puppy, he was freakin huge. And has been and probably always will be very protective. So I would like to think that he was hitting the girlfriend and the puppy might have tried to stop him. So self defense on his part? It's just me tring to justify his actions because I can't believe someone killed a puppy in such a horrible manner. I guess I just need to accept it.

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Correct. But the only way to get there is through the border or by boat. I mean't to say Pt. Robert's into Canada...

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That's amazing. I would love to see it in a museum sometime. I can't wait to see what else they find out.

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Yeah this fence has nothing to do with the border. The fence is going in at Port Townsend. Ryan Jenkins crossed the border in Blaine to Pt. Roberts in Canada and then committed suicide.