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Hey Icesparkleangel. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your input. There's actually an attempt at some stuff happening on my end. Please keep an eye out. :D

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Hey Sethisto!

I feel like a short story, so why not?

A perfect little purple pony was playing with powers in her lightly lit living room. Twily, alight upon her Tushie, using her Magic zapper to irrigate her Whiffermuzzle while attempting to ensure her Pony peepers retain line of sight on the delicate operation at hand. Her Flutter-flappers impatiently flipping and her Flippity-floppers fluttering at each sensation that her sensitive sniffbox attempted to force out of her. If anything came from Twily's Wub zone it was determination. Despite her Parasprite whip illiciting tickly prickles upon her Tree buckers. Her Clippity-cloppers tapped on the polished wooden floor of her treehouse to keep her mind occupied on something other than the magical cleaning sensation creeping down the back of her sinuses and into her hug zone. Finally, she whisked the cleaning, and tingling, bubble out of her muzzle and discarded it into another reality with a little, "pop!"

"Success," declared the studious pony, "I've completely cleared my autumnal allergies. Now to report my findings to Celestia!"

"That's not right, Twilight." Said her surprisingly unimpressed and deadpan dog.