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I'm not questioning Hebert's motives, and I'm certainly not questioning the general premise of her column. Would be nice to see some scrutiny being given to the government's position leading up to Copenhagen (since they are the government and set policy in this country), but all columns cannot be all things to all people.

However, I would challenge you to look at her recent columns and find one that could not be categorized as "horserace-y." This is problematic for a lot of readers who care about the direction of the country more than poll results.

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I seem to remember the Paul Wells who was not the court historian of the Conservative Party of Canada writing columns and blog posts about policy decisions. Alas, books to sell, I suppose...

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1.) The media is generally disinterested in legitimate issues of public policy.

2.) Years of accusations of liberal bias from the political right have injected a sense of self-loathing into the media, resulting in a fear of holding conservative politicians to account.

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"Staff would have looked after it."

Yes, I suppose that's true. Gerald Keddy probably did not order the giant novelty cheques all by himself. Then again, he is the Member of Parliament. One would hope that he would have some sense of accountability and responsibility. This government has a real proclivity for pointing out the errors of low-level staffers, but no inclination to consider who is responsible for said staffers. If staffers think that slapping a partisan logo on government business is a-ok, then their bosses have done a poor job explaining to them the way Canadian government works.

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Do the "real Canadians" I keep reading and hearing about care that we now live in the "post-NAC" era?

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Interesting that you have cited Michael Bliss as some sort of independent arbiter of "majorityville." Isn't it sweet that whenever a Conservative partisan wants to complain about the supposedly Liberal "chattering classes," they have mass media outlets like the Globe and Mail available to them?

Perhaps more amusing is your entirely unsupported claim from the Thursday panel that all the Conservatives have done recently is introduce policy after policy. I'd be interested to hear about all these interesting Conservative policies that have captured the imaginations of Canadians. Are you referring to the stimulus plan that they were forced into, or the revolutionary ban on flavored cigarettes?

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They should have seen him as a viable present leadership candidate in 2006, and played a good long game. Of course, if Mackenzie King himself were still around today, contemporary Liberal strategists could probably find a way to only get him a slim minority, so it's hard to be revisionist about Gerard Kennedy. Nevertheless, I get the sense that people who are serious about governing will have the time of day for him in future leadership contests.

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Okay, so political observers and the unemployed are fake. Anyone else?

I wonder if this definition of "real Canadians" is consistent with the definition from back when those Lieberals were in power.

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Another week, another column holding Her Majesty's Official Opposition accountable for...something.

Perhaps if Ignatieff discussed issues in some numerical list and called them "priorities," the press gallery would clap their flippers more enthusiastically. Even if he did, it wouldn't intetest me much, because we're not in an election campaign and, from what I hear, it is still the governing party that is responsible for setting policy in this country.

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While granting that Denis Coderre is in his default position of wrongness here, shouldn't Cauchon have tossed his hat in the ring for one of those leadership contests if he was so passionate about coming back to elected politics in the riding of his choosing? He would have been a valuable addition to either the real leadership in 2006 or the fake one this past winter.