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I wouldn't mind it. That "Dear Princess Twilight..." at the end was so sweet =')

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I really enjoyed it. Great music, some really awesome scenes, and great humor overall. But I think what made it the most for me was Sunset Shimmer, she added a lot to the movie, I was not expecting that. Glad she got to be a part of the group. But now I'm gonna miss her when season 5 starts :(

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It's like Garfield minus Garfield. Poor Spike :(

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It's so hard to believe that a person like him was dealing with depression of that magnitude. We humans hide it well. He made a lot of people around the world laugh, truly a great man who will be missed :(

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All I know is my gut says maybe...

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Binding of Isaac. I think that game would look good with a pony skin :)

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Happy birthday, sir! (>^^)>

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Glad to see #3 up there, it's quite amazing, well worth a watch! :)

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I would've followed you, my tree... my library... my home ; - ; 7

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Well, I think that certainly lived up to the hype. Amazing season finale, Tirek was an awesome villain, he made me think of Darkseid, and the battle towards the end reminded me a lot of Darkseid Vs Superman's fight during the Justice League Unlimited finale. Now that's pretty darn impressive, concidering that this is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic XD

Really liked Discord's involvement in this one. His reformation always seemed kind of fishy and he always seemed to have an agenda of his own, but now I think we can safely say that he's one of the good guys. A very heart-warming moment at the end :)

Anyway, it's been a fun season. Enjoy the pony high while it lasts before the withdrawal starts kicking in :)