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It wasn't very "green" seeing literally hundreds of cars trying to cross 13th St , coming across a roadblock, and having to back up and turn around and spend way more time with their car engines running to finally get to their destination.

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Thanks for the warning .... you're the best.

Do you know the purpose of a debate? People all over the country want to be able to hear the candidates address policy issues and their ideas, opinions, and plans in order to make an informed choice of a candidate. There is limited time and some of the candidates only get to answer a few questions.

To allow immature, rude hecklers to disrupt and interfere with this process would be counterproductive. But I do understand that the agenda of rude, childish liberals is to make a fiasco of the debate. It pisses them off that Conservatives should be able to be heard publicly at all.

There are plenty other more appropriate times to express differing opinions from the audience. The debates ain't one of them.

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So Carly Fiorina is a women-hating buffoon? What about all the many other Republican women? Aren't you going to try playing the race card too? Oh wait, I see you alluded to it by your "teabaggers" and trump part of your rant.

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Yep, and the intersection of 19th St. and Folsom was mentioned twice also.

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Do they denounce illegals? If so, I say this is great. If not, How long before the money runs out?

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Too sad for words. Why is it that peanut allergies are so much more common now than in the past?

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I just wish the GOP candidates weren't all old white geezers, and that there was some diversity......... oh wait, never mind, I got confused.

Hillary at time of election: age 69
Sanders at time of election: 75 (!!!)
And should Biden run, he will be 72, and 73 before taking office in the event that he wins.

I have nothing against old white people, but the lefties always like to complain about them.

I'd love to watch a debate between Carly and Hillary. Carly would mop the floor with Hillary and her pantsuit.

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My son, who is very caring and does treat women with respect, is currently in a long term relationship with a wonderfully sweet and beautiful young woman. But it’s unlikely to last forever, so at some point I’m sure he’ll be dating again. (or whatever they call it these days)

Are you denying that there are women who have falsely accused a guy of rape? Have you even been paying attention to recent events? I am most definitely right to warn my son, just as I would warn my daughter about dishonest men.

This policy that Polis and you support and want to implement is very anti male and ludicrous. Here's another likely scenario: Girl is mad at guy after a breakup. She'd like see him sent away so she seduces him into a night of post-breakup sex. Then says he raped her. That ain't misogyny Jane. It's just not being naive. I believe there are just as many scummy people of both genders. This policy would be wrong in so many ways. If a woman is raped she should file a police report and let the courts handle it.

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Hey Jane, what about a situation where the girl student is madly in love with the guy student, and they have consensual sex. But the next day she wants total control of things .. like making him her committed boyfriend. He didn't have the same vision. Now his life should be turned upside-down?

Was I wrong for telling my son the other day to watch out for those college girls?

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An easy remedy to her problem would be to simply not share the information. Considering she went to extreme measures to get rid of her mail identity and live as a woman, it’s surprising that she would want to share with everyone that she was born male. Some things are better kept private. Of course it’s her choice to make, but it would be a simple solution.