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I never understood the conservative mindset on this. On one hand they want to ban abortions and even contraception/birth control pills. Yet, they also are against things like welfare, or WIC and other forms of aid to low income, less fortunate peoples. So where exactly is the empathy at for these people?
And here I thought Jesus was all for aiding the poor and weak.

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It's muuuuuuuuuuuch more complicated than that and to paint it as a black and white "It's the DoE's fault!!!" is dishonest and damaging.

You want a good start? Look at our parents and kids. Kids care more about the next episode of gossip girl or jersey shore than reading. Whereas in South Korea, they actually have a CURFEW against studying into the late night. (,9171,... )

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He can't.

Now tell me how this kid, who most likely is from a poor, downtrodden family/neighborhood is supposed to GET that education when the GOP wants to cut public education, cut financial aid, and all kinds of avenues this child can use to get a higher education?

It works both ways.

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What a stretch this whole topic is. When the tea party GOP won big in those midterms, what did they do? Cut education. Cut financial support. All to pay for tax cuts.

What sort of things do the GOP in congress want to do? Destroy the department of education. Cut pell grants. Hell, Cantor had the gall to suggest that college students start to pay interest on their loans right away during the debt crisis.

I find it amazing you can tie the "youth misery" into UNIONS of all things, when the GOP is the party running on things like cutting financial aid and public education.

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This whole thing seems like a straw man to me. Border patrol is dangerous regardless of where the guns come from. Does it matter where the guns came from when these people would still have had some and would still have committed the crime anyway?

Your politicians/contributors have you people up in arms about a pointless topic, when the REAL topic of how to stop this violence, how to secure our border, how to protect our border agents is COMPLETELY ignored. Instead, all we get are cries for blood and bloodlust from frenzied commentators.

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Because, with a little research (or not being so partisan) you'll find out there are PLENTY of concerns about the quality of for-profit schools:

Nearly half of all federal student loan defaults occur at for-profit schools, although the schools have only 10% of higher education students, Harkin found.

Student loan default rates are especially high among people who attend proprietary colleges and universities, which operate as for-profit businesses.

According to the complaint, EDMC’s pay plan is based entirely on enrollment numbers, with additional factors mentioned in company policies serving only as window dressing. “It’s a boiler-room telemarketing scheme, where your numbers are all that counts,” said Harry Litman, a Pittsburgh lawyer representing the whistle-blowers. “That’s O.K. for telemarketers, but it’s not O.K. in education.”

The worst part? The pay the CEOs of these "colleges" get is insulting when you look at the success rate of their students:
Strayer Education Inc., a chain of for-profit colleges that receives three-quarters of its revenue from U.S. taxpayers, paid Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Robert Silberman $41.9 million last year. That’s 26 times the compensation of the highest-paid president of a traditional university.
The graduation rate for first-time, full-time candidates for four- year degrees at for-profit colleges is 22 percent, compared with 55 percent at state colleges and 65 percent at private nonprofit universities.

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It's not a straw man. At the end of the day, the goal is deportation, isn't it? It's finding illegals and getting them out of here.

The only straw man is acting like the policy matters at all if the deportations keep up (or increase, as they have under Obama). Their official policy is nothing more than bureaucratic filler they use to fill the books.

You people are getting riled up for no reason whatsoever. Obama has been deporting illegals at a record rate, so you need to go after something irrelevant so you can pin something on him.

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Look, I understand you people need to bang your drums, but can you please avoid the the lies and dishonesty?

The Obama administration deported a record number of illegal immigrants for the third straight year, according to figures released Tuesday by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

All it takes is a quick search to become educated on an issue, please try that next time.

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What good timing!

A day after Financial Services Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus said he would move forward on an insider-trading bill, Majority Leader Eric Cantor stopped him dead in his tracks.

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The 44 Senate Republicans who signed a letter in May pledging to filibuster any CFPB nominee (plus Sen. Dean Heller who later added his name once appointed to the Senate) have received over $6.5 million from the financial industry in 2011 and nearly $125.6 million over their careers.

What a wonderful party!