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The pack of jokers cannot be shuffled anymore, time to call election. Remember solving crime was the clarion call in 2010. It is approaching four years now. The PP has failed.

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When will the Board resign? If Petrotrin was listed on the stock exchange would the shareholders accept the present situation?

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He was instrumental in drafting the Public Order Act in 1970, a draconian piece of legislation which would have maintained the status quo and economic relations. This act was opposed by ANR Robinson a true freedom fighter and one who worked tirelessly at setting up the International Criminal Court, From statistics published later by Ralph Henry 10% of the population owned over 80% of the wealth and over 80% of the population owned less than 20%of the wealth. The Public Order Act was designed to protect the wealth of the elite minority while the masses had no control of the executive.Up to now they can't recall a parliamentarian when she is working against their interest.

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The FBI and FIU are not political appointees. Already a big southern businessman was held in Florida. Who will be the next to be charged. First it was PearD in London now it is grapefruit juice in Virginia.

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It became Vision 2010, an acute case of myopic vision.

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People voted for the PP to get crime under control but instead they are hobnobbing in Tobago with an international criminal and don't have a clue as what to do to control murders.

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When senior cabinet ministers rub shoulders and protect one of the most corrupted individual from being tried for corruption it will never stop. By being present with him it shows that they don't care about morality. Remember the old adage "show me your friends and i will tell you who you are".

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Although the use of fireworks is illegal in most instances, the importers and distributors are alleged financiers of the PP

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Is it worth $200 B? Is it value for money?Many of the roads that were paved will deteriorate before the next election. The handouts are already gone without any increase in productivity and the increase in pay for police has not stopped the increasing trend in murders. Many areas that the water mains are supposed to serve are still experiencing water curfew, The GDP has decreased by 0.05% in the 3rd Q of 2013. If you come down from your ivory towers and get close to the ground you will realize that it is only performance on paper.

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That is chicken feed