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Most things turn out to be not so bad we fear they might be but, on the other hand, Covid-19 is a lot worse.

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I find the whole thing very depressing since one candidate is a man-child and the other senile. However I cannot believe that the result will not be accepted by both sides, albeit the courts may involved if the results are very close in some key states.

There are cranky, even threatening, groups everywhere but let's not attribute too much politiical significance to Qanon, the proud boys or even BLM.

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Corbyn: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haberdashers%27_Ada...
You may call it a grammar school but it is an expensive fee-paying private school providing excellent educational facilities from which the young Jeremy seems to have derived little benefit.

Starmer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reigate_Grammar_Sch...
Another fee-paying private school at which the young Keir clearly greatly benefited from the excellent education he received.

Good schools, of which Eton is certainly one, provide opportunities to children prepared to grasp these.

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You mean like you have?

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Yes but doctors and vets have real skills which would be useful regardless of how society is organised but lawyers' skills are, at least in part, dependent upon a knowledge of how to navigate our all too often opaque legal system whilst many modern day politicians don't seem to have any useful skills at all.

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I agree. But the CofE has not done well in its task as the custodian of much of the nation's history and culture in recent decades and, where I live, it just seems to have given up. They should cut the bureaucracy, reduce the excessive number of bishops, forego the temptation to indulge in politics and concentrate more on attracting people into the churches and cathedrals.

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Our local, very beautiful, parish Church has been without a rector (or rather “a priest in residence”) since the previous incumbent left in March. It is this locked up and deserted and no-one knows what will happen to it but, if it ever reopens the 200 or so congregation is likely to be much reduced. The diocese of Chelmsford, in which we reside, has on its books one proper bishop, 3 diocesan bishops and no less the 7 Archdeacons. One might have thought that at least one of these might have got off his/her episcopal bottom to come here and se us, perhaps conduct a virtual service or, at least, leave a message on the church website but this has not happened.

Apparently the C of E has now more bishops than when it was at its zenith in the mid 1800s. Therein lies its problem or, more probably, one of many..

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Every family, including of course black families, has its own history and children should be made aware their own family's history.

As others have observed there were quite a large number of West Indians serving in the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars and this probably deserves more study as does the contibution of West Indians ands Askaris in both World Wars. There is also the facinating history of the Empire and this includes us all, black, brown and white.

What is not required is history used as a weapon to attack any part of our people.

I enjoyed Maurisa Coleman's article and thank her for it.

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Well there we fundamentally disagree and I suspect that your views on what government should do is heavily influenced by your perceived career prospects when you complete your social sciences degree. Potholes, or rather the reduction of, is of far more interest to most of us than toilet facilities for transsexuals in prison

The real problem is that you are but one of many and we end up with millions of people being paid billions of £ in totally unnecessary employment which, in a well organised society, would not exist.

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I too.