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I can't believe you're peddling this Marxist bullshit. I thought a lot of things, but I didn't think you were the 'red arrow'. An end to private ownership.... an end to nation states.... and I see this on a supposedly nationalist website. Either you're a red, else very green indeed!

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Notice in the video that the young woman prattling on about diversity is the negro's brainwashed 'bitch'. Even though the reportage has tried to disguise it (different camera angle and lighting), the sofa and picture frame behind give the game away. In other words, this couple are the only ones complaining.

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If you want to know what Carlos is all about and who is pulling his strings, take look at this. I particularly draw your attention to the comments section:

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I've read Jim's comments on here and frankly he's just a Neo-Conservative of the George W kind in terms of politics, and as regards finance, well, all you need to know it right here:

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A lizard in a metaphorical sense, yes. Perhaps the reason you DONATE love the Zionist Jews (and I do differentiate) so much is your shared love of money. DONATE. What you seem to be DONATE constructing is English Democrats II, which is not a DONATE nationalist party.

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It was a joke that we had supposedly defeated Communism when the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact collapsed in the late 80s and early 90s. How could we have defeated Communism when university lecturers were openly brainwashing their students into the 'joys' of Marxism at that very moment the length and breadth of the West.

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But it's the leader who's doing the splitting and throwing out anyone with more than two brain cells. You yourself have just talked about 'the people you see in the BNP today'. I went back to my local town of Barnsley a few weeks back to find the stall gone and the organiser having resigned his position. That's not going forwards. If the NF gets some heavyweight intellectuals and organisers back heading it (Brons, Kemp, Edmunds, Jonathan Bowden, Frank Ellis perhaps), I'm convinced there will be a resurgence. Kemp would have to allow freedom of expression on the Zionist question though.

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I don't consider it confusing at all and I'll explain as you're now being civil. Moslems and Jews often work together or turn a blind eye to each other's misdemeanors when it furthers their own imperialist interests at the expense of the West. Don't forget that it was the Zionist Jews who lobbied for Moslems to be brought over in large numbers to wreak havoc on the West. The Rothschilds personally funded the first mosque in London, as was boasted quite publicly on a BBC4 documentary last year. Equally, Margaret Hodge (Oppenheimer) was invited to speak in mosques during the 'Battle of Barking'.

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You could be right, Revisionist; I'm afraid in this day and age the truth is very hard to come by and there are so many falsehoods printed in order to deliberately obfuscate. I consider it was the work of Moslems, but believe it was allowed to happen by the US government /AIPAC for propagandist purposes, but I also realise I could well be wrong. The fact is that, along with JFK, we'll never really get to the bottom of it.

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I do hope I'm at least allowed to defend myself, Corsham Crusader. Play the white man. Again to 'Not in my Name': If you're going to talk bollocks, at least do it without Magnus Hirschfeld's pair hanging out of your mouth - it gives you away. You and your ilk at UAF should get that one.