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The people in New York seem to be obsessed with sex. Figures after they screwed the whole country.

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Well Mitty put you head under the covers and give those bankers who jumped out of Obama's bed and into yours' another BJ. I'm sure you'll be able to fund even more TV Lies.

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It was gas prices that popped the housing bubble designed by The Progressive Traitor Party. (Anyone ever look at the housing bubble map compared to the red blue district map?) It was also so those eveel oil speculators the democrats complained about. The only thing they never got around to telling the country is it was The Progressive Traitor Party's backers doing the speculation. http://www.hsgac.senate.gov//imo/media/doc/052008...

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Wonder if the Secular Fundamentalist terrorist in Manhattanstan (don't forget who robbed us America) plan on dragging everyone into the Temple of Baal ( 30 Rock) to say "Oh sure Obama is a Christian" bahahahhahaha

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It needs the Bank of America logo, shackles on the wrist joining the arms together and the words "Unity thru Peonage" on it.

“but resist, we much...
we must and we will much...
about... that...
be committed.”
We the Units of Ameritopia are in trouble.

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We have so many filthy rich Marxist in this country. We really need a one time progressive sin tax set at 99% of all their assets. IT'S FAIR, FAIR SHARE!! bahahaaha

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LMFAO Well Done!!

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Kudos for being honest Larry O. WTF happened? eheehehe

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Poor kids don't know yet they'll be the ones getting the bill for this big spender. Remember your union protected teacher fondly while you're working off the debt in something like Apple's factories in China.

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What an angry looking bunch of white racist, quick call the donkey semen network to report on this. bahahaha