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Andrew, you will be missed greatly. My condolences go out to your family and may God help guide them through this loss.

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The first look at the picture of Obama and the kid immediately made me think it was Dr. Evil and Mini-Me.

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He's far from my first, second or even third, fourth and fifth choice but if he wins the overall primary, I'll vote for him just to get the Dictator and Chief out of office.

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Any time the government creates any spending program, it will inevitably lead to massive waste on useless projects that benefit few.

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I always worry when I hear that terminology, "for the common good". From my experiences, it has come to mean stripping my rights away in favor of whichever group whines the most.

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Funny how all the allegations come out when he was surging in the polls. Not a peep from anyone back when he was struggling in the polls. I would have found the allegations a little more believable if they happened as he entered the race and before the surge. Now I only see them as a smear campaign orchestrated by the Democrats to get rid of someone that could easily beat Obama.

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Cutting just four days is literally nothing. I say go for it. The schools waste more days than that with frivolous classes, teaching lefty agendas in other classes and just plain laziness on the part of many teachers and administrators. The kids aren't learning much of anything useful in the public indoctrination centers anyway so four less days won't really matter.

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Of course they'll turn more violent as well as more insane. They're the left and history more than proves how the left behaves when they aren't getting their way.

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This should have happened within days of this stupidity starting..

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If a Kennedy is involved, you can be sure there's a total cover-up going on.