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Derpy was a name created on 4chan, early in season 1. It was only used by Hasbro in season 2's the last roundup, far after it was widely adopted by fans.

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TSSSF is fan-made and not canon in any way. The CCG is official merchandise, and may have access to unreleased episode information.

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Even the best are only above average fetish fuel. Not that that is bad.

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It is photoshopped.

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I could say the exact same about you, just so you know. All I would have to do is change "you people" to "you", because no one is on your side here.

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He was caught on stream. There is no doubt that it was him.

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No one had sure proof until he was caught on stream. Plus, with what he has been doing after being caught, it is likely he would have tried to silence those who opposed him. (I wouldn't be surprised if people actually did oppose him but just never got noticed due to Drawponies' large moderation and censorship team)

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I am not sure if you understand how the media or the real world works. Face it. Things are going to be less than flattering a lot of the times. And if they are speaking the truth, why should they censor themselves? Would you keep the public from ridiculing a criminal just because you want to keep them from feeling bad? As far as getting more information goes, for me and many people, what Horse News reported was plenty to condemn Drawponies. Also, being the first site to break the story open, they were forced to take a stand and present their arguments against him. Without the HN article, the story probably would never be known by most people. The only reason it got onto this site is because of the exposure it gained off of HN.

I never stated that Horse News was made by "dumb trolls". If you regard 4chan users as dumb trolls, that is purely your opinion and you are entitled to it, but please do not put words into my mouth.

Regarding whether Equestria Daily is more trustworthy than 4chan and Horse News, that is also your opinion, and once again you are entitled to it. However, if you say that DHX staff regard the site (I assume favorably), I heavily advise you do not go down that route because Lauren Faust came onto /mlp/ (4chan) and answered questions that anons had. She never did this with EqD.

In my opinion, 4chan is a much better site than your opinions make you believe it is. I use it far more than EqD, because it allows for open discussion without worrying about censorship or reputation, as everyone is anonymous.

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I do not see how that is pertinent information. Even if they had their suspicions, there was no sure evidence until he was caught tracing on stream.
The reason you think no one spoke up about it is because no one gained the traction that the HN article gained until now. I am sure he was accused of it before, but no one took notice or cared about their accusations without the aforementioned evidence.
Also, you need to learn your terms. Hypocrisy is condemning something but doing it yourself. The people who you claim never brought evidence against Drawponies would only be hypocrites if they actually traced artwork and vended it themselves, just like Drawponies did.

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Why should information be judged based on who released it? If the evidence is there, pretty much indisputable, then who cares if the facts came out of EqD or HN? And the reason for this information being released is not to spread drama, but rather to level charges at an artist who lied about his drawing habits and made money off of his lies.

As for the rest of your comment, it shows a very large misunderstanding of 4chan, and I will not attempt to change your opinion on the site.