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Zoolander and Labyrinth for Rarity. Can't go wrong with anything that has David Bowie in it.

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But they're gone now, just like that HOLE in Silent Hill.

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Funny how one of the shoe phones is Celly's.

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I second that.

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The fact that the drama is not coming from within our fandom should be a point of pride for all bronies and pegasisters. The bunch of whiny outsiders whose life would be meaningless without stuff to complain about has had their ephemeral moment; let's allow the tides of time muffle and dissolve their imaginary quarrels. We took the episode as the simple comedy it was intended to be, and that is enough to let us move on with our heads held high.

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And the Flintstones. There was an episode in which Fred and Barney pretended to be Wilma and Betty for the sake of winning a contest in their stead, as the girls had gotten sick.

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Why do I get the feeling that all of these toys and princess mane 6 news are a big troll operation in the making?

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Must... not... stir... the pot....

walk away, Darth.... just... walk... away.... now....

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Thanks for your reply. You can check the newest update on Youtube. Just search for "Lunarbolts 8", and take a look at the massive video we recently posted. Questions in specific are welcome.

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Excellent. Now, please sing it as Derpy, miss Gedeon. :-p