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Excellent article Eric!
I enjoyed reading your comparison's of the Xbox 360's features to that of the PS3. Not owning an Xbox 360 myself I did not know the details of many of these features.
You are correct on all your critiques- the cross media bar leaves a LOT to be desired, updates and installs are LONG and render the expensive PS3 system useless until complete, HOME is a joke in my opinion, and when six axis is done wrong in a game it makes the gameplay horribly wrong.
I agree that many of these features could be corrected or even improved upon if only Sony would listen to its customers, but I am finding out that Sony tends to act BEFORE it thinks things through.

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First allow me to say that I love the Good Grief idea! It is the perfect place to rant about things that maybe a game has gotten wrong.

I really enjoyed Dead Space the game.
Now about the turret sections in Dead Space...
I am surprised that the turret sections pulled you out of the game.
I found them to be a welcome break from the tension and a nice change of pace and gameplay.
Honestly, I made it through the first turrent section on my first try (it was getting to the turret location through the meteor shower where I kept getting killed.) Going for the "Don't get cocky. kid" trophy, were it was necessary to complete the first turret sequence with over 50% shield remaining was brutal and took many, many attempts before I was successful.
I did not find the turret controls too muddy or slow to respond. The controls in Killzone 2 were way muddier and inaccurate. The inability to shoot while moving in Resident Evil 5 drove me crazy! I eventually got used to it, but I didn't like it.

I too am looking forward to the sequel to Dead Space and it will be a day one purchase for me.

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Great article! I really enjoyed the series of articles on Gamestop!
I have a play and trade in my town but have never traded there before.
Maybe I should visit them soon with my copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum and Mirror's Edge.

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Very entertaining video and very well done!
I liked this alot and I look forward to the sequel.

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Great review! Keep em' coming!
I do have a question for you though.
My daughter currently enjoys playing Prof. Layton and the Curious Village.
Do you think this game would be too difficult/frustrating for a 12 year old?
Your review makes the game sound pretty difficult.

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Great show!
Nice introduction to Chris!

I thought that the Thief series had a lot of social commentary built in.
Whether or not the upcoming Thief 4 continues the commentary in more modern terms remains to be seen.

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Too late! LOL!
I have watched, yes very disturbing!
But I liked the story elements, they seemed to enhance and reinforce the game well.
I do think that it would be successful and work well on the BIG screen though IMHO.

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Great show! I really enjoy listening to these free form podcasts!
I am also very interested in participating in the backlog segment.
I have Shadow of the Colossus and a backward compatible PS3!
Please let me know more details when available!

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I am excited for Left 4 Dead 2 even if it never comes to PS3!
Looks awesome!

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Certainly, nothing very mature like GTA4!