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How the twitflix crew went about their twittering was fine. I actually enjoyed this, it reminded me of MST3K and this was the perfect movie to do this for. People like Harry, his wife and other AICN contributors who are up in arms over this are clearly overreacting. And as far as this catching on as a fad? Highly unlikely. Why would someone want to distract themselves during a movie? Yeah, let's pay $10+ to sit in a theater and spend half our time twittering.

The most amusing part of all this is Harry Knowles flexing his internet muscles. Calling multiple people twats and talking about breaking their phones. Riiiight.

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I think Hunter will probably come along within the next few weeks and claim hyperbole. This review is nuts.

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vanessa hudgens' delivery of that last line was awful. lt dangle was amusing.

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Favreau is putting together a very solid cast.

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I agree. It's hard for me to sympathize with a wife beater anyway.