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I've heard the phrase "you are what you eat", but this is ridiculous! (insert laugh track)
Nice to see a fan of Horsin' Around, I loved that show back in the 90s.

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Steven Universe? What is this, a crossover episode?
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Welcome aboard. Nice to meet ya.

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Thing is, abridging SU is kind of a lost cause to begin with. The show is already cut down to a very lean runtime that boils down to the most important details, so how do you abridge an already abridged series? Unless you string multiple episodes together and create a new plot from scratch, Friendship is Witchcraft style.
And besides, it's much harder to make any jokes when the source material already is self-aware and pokes fun at itself and general pop culture. Parodying overly serious shows like DBZ and that one show with childrens' card games is doable because they have enough camp while playing themselves straight that you can go for a comedic approach.
Not so here.

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If you wanna split hairs it's not entirely unrelated. The Rubies were using an Alcubierre warp Drive ship. Yup, those five adorable derps were using a black hole to generate bubbles with negative mass in spacetime to compress the volume of space with negative friction to go faster than the speed of light. Never thought I'd see one in the show.

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SU food promotion, go! I'd eat MCD fry bits.

Or Pizza Hut Fish Stew Pizza. Or the Dennys Best Diner in the World Together Breakfast special.

Now I'm hungry...

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I do. It's not for everyone, but dang it old pony has its charm. Minty :3. G3 Pinkie Pie was great too, same with Rarity.

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Eh, Faust, I respect her, and appreciate what she did, but aside from
having respect for G1 characters, I don't agree with much of her
I wouldn't say the show's worse without her, just very different, and
that's a good thing.

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Personally loved the movie for the characterization of Sci Twi and Sunset. The climax is one of the most touching moments in the whole franchise.
EQG has become one of the most enoyable parts of the G4 continuity, because they're very continuity based and constantly change the status quo.
Plus, I really enjoy the unique quirks of the Human Five, now Six, and Sunset is one of the most likable and developed characters in G4.
People are fine not wanting the movies, they have optional continuity status just for that reason so pony ans can ignore them, but for those of us that are fans of both, I think we shouldn't be begrudged the enjoyment.
Designs aside, it has the same voice cast, composers, writers, and animation crew, so it still feels like a FIM production in everything but name.

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Best Tube Tube video.
Oh Pearl, you so silly.

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I don't particularly care for the Japanese dub, Japan gets too much glorification just because it's a dub with some anime tropes.
Pinkie is perfect though, I must say.
Also, G1 ponies, hurray!