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I really did enjoy this pair of episodes, both in concept and in execution...except for one thing.

I guess I'd call myself a P-sjw: pony social justice warrior. And I'm all over equality for all three of the common pony races. Each one is unique, and has a usefulness that cannot/should not be mimicked or replaced by any other race. Because of this, I've always had a chip on my shoulder over unicorns, and how so many of them seem to have overpowered magic that has the potential to make the other races obsolete. Yes, most are shown to have quite "ordinary" magic that's limited to simple levitation or one specialized spell (Rarity's gemfinding for instance), and Sweetie Belle's experience in harnessing her magic has shown just how difficult it can be to control...but then we have pre-alicorn Twilight, Trixie (even without the Alicorn Amulet), Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, and Moondancer to name just a few who go above and beyond, well into OP territory. Nevermind that new Sunburst kid and all the other students in Celestia's school that we never got to see.

If you guys think back to when Twilight was a unicorn in Winter Wrap-up, she tried to use her magic to help and was summarily told not to do so. It wasn't that she COULDN'T, it was that it was frowned upon. Then Flim and Flam show up and show us that magic-powered machinery has the potential to out-work ordinary Earth ponies in both speed and production volume. Both of these instances showing us that magic could easily replace manual labor farming if it wanted to.

Now me, I'm proud to have a pegasus ponysona. I did that on purpose, since I did not want to give myself the potential to Mary-Sue myself into OP territory-I'm happy with writing about the uses for passive pegasus magic. But...some of their uniqueness has been taken by magic too. When Rarity got swapped to Dash's cutie mark, she was able to control the weather just like any pegasus could (albeit without any practice as we saw, but given time she would develop that). Ergo, weather working doesn't belong to the pegasi alone, just like farming doesn't belong to Earth ponies anymore. So i figured, hey...there's still flying and cloudwalking, right? Earth ponies have hot air balloons and Pinkie's contraption, they rely on technology to get skyward. Only Twilight has been able to cast the extremely high-level spells for cloudwalking and (temporary!) artificial wings, not even the other OP characters have been able to cast anything close to those spells. Still, both of these races can't bodily propel themselves through the air on their own without ACTUALLY being unicorn Twilight, that's still a pegasus thing right? They're still special that way.


Just *poof*, and here she is indefinitely flying by the power of MAGIC ALONE. No scrolls for aid, like how she used Starswirl's time spell as a base and just added onto it-she didn't just whip that out of nowhere, she needed a powerful base to build off of, so that wasn't an OP act. Nope, apparently effortless magic flight is a thing now. No Twilight-level talent needed, no temp wings that will disappear after a while, and apparently little to no need to stop and rest (when magic lasers aren't being used simultaneously).

No race is sacred anymore. Magic has made Earth ponies and pegasi almost completely obsolete IN CANON. Unicorns can use magic to control machines for manual labor, farm, control the weather and now, fly without any handicap whatsoever. It was one thing in the Hearthswarming play that, in the past, each race could NOT exist indpendently without the other two. But time and progression have destroyed that balance.

And I hate that.

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The US version has released too! Probably as a midnight release or something. Already bought it myself, and I love it. So much on holding off on Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving, thanks ponies~

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Heck yeah, best princess!

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I dreamed this day would come...

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INDEED, BEHOLD ME PEASANTS. *practicing my Canterlock, eeyup*

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Yep. Cheerilee did get released in the U.S in the end as part of a three-pack (somewhat recently), but with a Pinkie Pie mold instead.

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As one who owns well over 200 individual blind bags...


Though I don't think I'll ever manage to get ahold of the European pink glitter Twilight or the European Wave 2 set (the one with Cheerilee as an Applejack mold). In total I'm missing about 19 of these little bugger blind bags out of EVERY ONE EVER RELEASED.