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As the Tory brand is toxic in most parts of Scotland, it has to be a Labour and Lib Dem revival that saves the Union as Scotland is largely a centre left nation.

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They're an important ally but nothing special about it. In reality Germany is the European nation they have looked to in recent decades as their principal ally on the continent. Ireland has a far closer cultural relationship with them than we do. As an example the Irish American lobby in Congress has threatened to veto a UK US trade deal if we upset Ireland over the border issue.

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Please drop the phrase Special Relationship. It doesn't and has never been special (destroying the British empire after WW2, Vietnam, Suez, supporting Ireland in the peace process).

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It's a step in the right direction. Really all non essential international travel should be suspended until a vaccine is found.

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B for Matt Hancock? More likely F for fail. Highest death toll in Europe, delayed lockdown and severe shortages of PPE and testing kits. He needs to be replaced. Personally I'd bring back Jeremy Hunt.

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Good piece. Australia, Canada and New Zealand are our true friends. Just waiting for EXTORY AGENT to start trolling this article with PRO EU lies and propaganda

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Dominic Cummings and Boris throwing their toys out of the pram. Boris should note that Tory PMs who side with advisors and alienate the wider party don't last very long.

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Lib Dem troll

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That's what happens when the nutcase Dominic Cummings is put in charge.

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There's two types of working class I think. The chavs are probably those who have never worked or in work on very low incomes, probably with the stereotype of having a dozen children. They probably stuck with Labour. The other working class are the ones who are the C2s, aspirational skilled workers, e.g. plumbers, electricians etc. These were the ones who voted for Thatcher in the 80s, Major in 92 and us in 2019.