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I think I would be more interested in his take on on James Cawley's Captain Kirk and what he thinks of the guys over at Star Trek Phase 2.

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Stopped giving my money to Marvel when they killed Captain America as a statement on the War on Terror. I went firmly into the not giving my money to Marvel when they cast Idris Elba as Heimdall.

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Furthermore, every pundit who has complained about the Marines urinating on the dead Taliban terrorists should be popped in the mouth repeatedly and told to keep their mouths shut- they are embarrassing themselves, their country, and their profession.

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Let's see: The Eurotrash 0bama lap-nurser has been replaced by the amerikan Progressive 0bama lap-nurser. Still going to stay in third place.

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I tend to agree with you on everyone except Tracy and Hepburn. I don't think anybody can match Tracy's performance in Inherit the Wind, and Hepburn was wonderful in Philadelphia Story. I've been saying what you did about Nicholson for years. He has one role he plays and it's the same all the time. There is very little difference between Johnny in The Shining, The Joker in Batman, and his character in Wolf. He has zero range.

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I know. I read Watchman when it came out and like everyone else I thought it was great stuff. I went back and reread it when the movie came out and thought: This stuff is just pretentious garbage. It's a halfway decent story, but it needs about half of it cut out. It was really nothing special.

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Actually, I'd say that X-Men: God Loves Man Kills had more to do with the rise of graphic novels. It was the first REALLY GOOD graphic novel, and the ending was spectacular. To be honest, Watchmen was the most over written pretentious piece of preachy garbage ever published. It was "cool", "cutting edge", but it WAS overwritten, and preachy. As for modern graphic novels, nothing touches Kingdom Come. Both of those I would say are far superior pieces of work than either Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns.

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Just wanted to thank you for the review. Although I'm a HUGE comic fan and a HUGE Cap fan, I was going to pass on this one thinking it was Anti-American like the last (1993) Cap movie. I will make it a point to see this one. However I'll also make it a point to make sure Marvel doesn't get any of my money over it though. I'm still not happy with their reasons for killing him at the end of Civil War, and their constant lap nursing of 0bama.

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I wonder why she thinks she's going to "go down". I would much prefer something that didn't suggest failure.

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Not only have I never seen an episode of this sitcom, I've never had a desire to see it.