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Obama care itself is not an existential struggle.It is only a component of an existential struggle between those who cannot figure out what happened to Greece and Detroit and those who can.Unfortunately,those who recognize America's self destructive addiction to "free" government goodies no longer have a Party to focus these concerns.The GOP is essentially run by self important elitists who are more at home at a Georgetown cocktail party with their Democratic brethren than anywhere else.Its not the conservatives and the Tea Party who need to get a grip,its the idiots who think that we can print money to pay for neat stuff forever.They even at this late date still believe whatever pablum Obama has to sell.

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But...but...but.....Soetoro is both the smartest guy and greatest orator in history .The female media types have already thrown their panties at his feet and the male types have wee weed in theirs at his greatness. Does not that count for anything with all of these obviously Right Wing Republican foreigners?

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Absurd idea.When the Turks rejoin the twenty-first century maybe it can be looked at again

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Anyone who doubts the deterioration of human intelligence has only to investigate and consider the election and re-election of Barack Hussein Obama

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Hagel's appeal to Obama is that he is more than alright with a diminished American ability to resist third world crack pots.That they also share Antisemitism is only a plus.

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Do I dial 1 for English ?

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House Jews like Cohen and Friedman were fifty to the nickel in Weimer. Even as they were herded into the box cars they insisted that Hitler's only problem was with the crass East European Jews, not house broken Germans like themselves.Pay them no heed.

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Translation: What a shame that Obama did not wait a decent interval to return to his life long Jew hating so that Ed Koch wouldn't look quite so stupid.

Hate to break this to you Ed but your stupidity was made obvious by your endorsement

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Hagel is more than anti-Semitic enough to please most of the crypto-fascists that comprise Obama's constituency. That said, it is almost time for another Op Ed piece by the noted intellectual stooge Alan Dershowitz explaining how Soetoro's heart is really in the right place even if his own brain is anatomically misplaced

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Despite many centuries of persecution, the one thing that Jews have generally had operating in their favor is the stupidity and ignorance of the anti-Semites.You one again prove the validity of this axiom