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I agree completely -- when I heard him say that we were crazy because we want to know WHERE Obama was born, that really made me think!!! Especially because he is on Fox News, why would he even give the impression he thinks we are the crazy one? By the way, why is Obama's educational history information closed? WHAT IS THIS MAN (LOOSELY USED) HIDING???

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I am so glad that we all have these sites and I'm really glad that there are meetings, but what I am finding out is these meetings are too hard for me to get to. I am a mother of an 11 year old autistic and an 8 year old typical child. My husband is EXTREMELY busy with his various organizations and I am the only "parent" that is around for my kids. I have a hard enough time getting on these sites to find out what is going on and sometimes get to voice my opinion. That is why I'm having nightmares, I'm pretty isolated with no one to talk to but my children and I really don't want them to live any more disturbed than what we are already by the autism. This is why I listen to Glenn and that is why I am adament about a National Voice for all of us. I wish I could get to be part of the live audience for Glenn's show -- to have an every day average mother able to tell the side we face day in and day out!!!!!!!

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Thank you for the welcome!!!! I really need a place to find information, I get more and more nervous every day!!

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I don't know about everyone, I'm a mother of two beautiful young children and I just removed all information that I could about my children on all sites because I had a NIGHTMARE last night. I dreamed that our government and other governments had been following my 9-12 Project, Facebook and Twitter accounts and perceived me as a threat (just because I am a conservative and agree with Glenn, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, etc.) and took my children from me. I NEVER in my 45 years have EVER felt like this, but it is haunting me now!!! Does anyone else feel this way???