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She “opted to attack my mother, specifically my mother’s funeral.”

Here is the exact reference. “You know, when Roman Brice's mom died, I was there for him. I went to Astoria, Queens on a rainy night to her wake, I was there with another friend he has likewise betrayed.“

Are you referring to anything else as an “attack” on your mom and her funeral?

Or is that the “attack”?

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You have what you want. A website where you can say, "Is she going to throw herself in front in the middle Tonnelle Ave when construction starts? ( let's hope so)" without fear of rebuke. All the while delivering lectures on how other sites should be governed and how craven and vile their owners and participants are.

So be it. You don't need anyone else. And you don't have anyone else.

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In my humble defense, when you don't read, which is all but a prerequisite for regular participation on this site, all references will tend to seem "obscure and esoteric." But you do deserve credit for lifting, though not crediting, "nattering nebob of negativism" from a speech William Safire wrote for soon-to-be utterly disgraced/removed republican vice president Spiro Agnew. I guess admitting you were cribbing from such a source would have felt awkward. Ditto, "mark my words there's no one lower," a lift from Lane/Perry. Going forward, I'll try to choose references from republican apologists and douchebags so you don't have to feel so left out.

As far as adult relationships go, if literally anyone here ever has one, we can talk about that.

Taking all this at face value, it's hard to reconcile the obsession with me with the cartoon image of insignificance you've drawn for me. I do take comfort in the fact that you clearly don't know me at all, a fact for which I'm ever grateful. You show yourself yet again to be someone who loves the sound of words more than the meaning of words. Good luck with that.

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We should have a man to man talk about your unwholesome obsession with me. See if you can get someone to handle your end.

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Did you mean "nasty" comments like this one of yours?

By all means deny it for the benefit of your remaining associates here, assuming any of them still believe you out of some sad Russoesque reciprocity, ie, "I pretend it's not you, you pretend it's not me." Outside this insular world, however, everyone knows who wrote that. You should've resisted the temptation to speak condescendingly of attire and appearance. Dead giveaway.

Reform does owe a debt of gratitude, though. In addition to embarrassing your candidates, you energized your opposition. When I was walking around in the dark, soaked to the bone with a disintegrating list of names on a clipboard to visit people who wanted one more knock on the door like a hole in the head -- I would think about all the lovely crap people like you say in lieu of actual participation, and I would keep going. So thanks for that.

For the record:

I've never said word one about stature save for telling other people to shove it up their asses.

Jen was not trashed for "exercising democracy," at least not on any planet that still has routine visits from other galaxies.

I didn't think for a minute that it was Mike's flier and said so. I figured it was an OG loyalist who should've stayed away from adding "our town" just as you should stay away from clothing critiques. Zebras and stripes... What I did say was that surrogates who were low enough to have written the above comment had no moral sub-flooring and were thus stuck with any suspicions that came their way.

I provided examples in a reply to Mike's partner who was treated absolutely shabbily by Jen's campaign without a word of protest from any of the homophobia experts here, including you. Here's the URL, although this site may have initiated a "no links to Sybil's Cave policy" in its comic descent into Hoboken's he-man woman-haters club. (Edited by Horse to protect the innocent from a disease laden defamatory cave. Thanks for the reminder to make that policy as a service to Hoboken.)
If the link isn't posted, it's on the Nov 3 "Defusco Denies Responsibility" article, for intrepid souls who want to risk a visit to the "syphilis ridden" site and the yet greater risk of thinking for themselves. 411, after all, never posted a link to the Triumph of the Will article that they peddled as anti-semitism to the Beth-friendly NJDC and later to the Beth-friendly Nazi truck -- because they couldn't chance people comparing 411's spin to the actual articles here and on GA. Worked like a charm. A sort of charm anyway.

As for my participation in a last campaign, I'll freely discuss that with any man of substance who asks me. But no one fitting that description is asking.

I already hear the gears cranking, thinking about how you might gin that up into a charge of "sexism" just as it was inevitable that you would attempt to gin up innuendoes of "racism" around disappointment with Falco's election here and on HCV.

Have fun with all that. I won't be back to check on your progress. I'm only here now because someone told me my name was being batted around again by the usual suspects and figured I'd close the book once and for all.

It's closed.

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What about your candidate, Ron Bautista? Also, still waiting to hear from your candidate, Ron Bautista on the Suez contract since that was your other big concern.

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As I told the blog owner here, once you start... or rather once one starts... going "personal" it leads to a cycle of oneupmanship.

Person A drops a name, person B drops a personal detail, person A scratches his head and asks himself how he can top person B. Next thing you know, there's a picture with a sex doll. Or a picture that says the person needs a better workout routine. And no one on that site objects. But they keep getting madder because no one polices the other site.

See how that could happen? Actually, probably not. You already said you don't post on HCV, so none of that nastiness over there is your concern.

As for being a sanctimonious low-life, I'll be a retired sanctimonious low-life before you know it. But you'll still be here, there, and everywhere with the same tired act. Not jealous.

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I can't imagine whose consumption "I don't post over there" is meant for. There isn't a soul here who believes it. And you already know I know it's bullsh!t.

Enjoy it, Ms/Mr Whoever You Are. Propeller made it just for you!

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Half a kudo for not bothering to deny it. Would've been a whole kudo, but you went back to HCV to chirp about me some more, which was gutless.

When you say "outing everyone" - what does that mean? http://hudsoncountyview.com/hoboken-council-takes...

There are 4 principal bloggers here. Roman, Kurt, Indie and you. Except you, no one else imagines they are under cover. Except maybe when they go to HCV. But unlike you, I don't treat announcing what I think someone's name is as some sort of counter-argument to whatever they said. You, however, do it all the time.

So when you say "outing everyone" you really mean outing you. Which I don't. Not that your "disguise" is all that. But this is all kind of junior high, can't you see that? You want to be the grown-up who credits Nason with a kind gesture and then go back to being the 12-year-old name-dropper on HCV. Pathetic is an overused word. But it's pathetic.

Jesus, man, get a hobby.

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So this would be an example of Propeller post type #2. http://hudsoncountyview.com/hoboken-council-takes...

Then someone will retaliate by using your name and you'll issue Propeller post type #1. Rinse, repeat.

Honestly, what's the point anymore? Do you even want anything out of this election or merely need it to provide you with a platform to express your bitterness? It's a shame there's no one left to talk you out of this tired, sad act. I tried.

This is my favorite artistic expression of Hoboken's warring class. That's you on the left. Or you can be the one on the right if you prefer. It hardly matters. And if you'd like you can give the name of the other one so as to have "power over them." I'm the one walking out of the picture. https://www.publicartfund.org/view/exhibitions/60...