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You are scared to lose. If you just stop being afraid and vote your conscience, you will vote for the candidate that has the strongest values. Don't get caught up in the crap that they have been feeding us for years, if you vote for the 3rd party, then you waste your vote. I say, when you vote for the candidate that won't represent you anyway, you waste your vote.
The Republican Party has not represented the Constitution of the United States anymore than the Democrats. They are both leading our nation to Eco Friendly bull, and National Health Reform. We don't need any of it. We can pay our bills and afford health care and create the right technology if they get their hands out of our pockets. It amazes me how blind and scared all you naysayers are. OUR COUNTRY BELONGS TO US. WE DON'T NEED ANY OF THEM TO TELL US HOW TO LIVE. REPRESENT US AND DEFEND US AGAINST OUR ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THAT'S IT. DON'T TELL US WHAT TO EAT, HOW MUCH TO EAT, WHAT CAR TO BUY AND WHAT LIGHTBULBS TO USE. AND DONT TELL US WHO TO VOTE FOR. USE YOUR HEAD, AND BE INFORMED AND VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.

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Now is the time for directness, blatant frankness. I appreciate all that was said and I am right beside you. Americans will vote for the Constitutional Candidate. If he speaks "constitution" and has a record to prove it, or the Passion to prove it, that will be the Man/Woman. We don't care what the label says. We care what the content is.
We have an Empty Usurper for a President at this time in history, But we are going to "CHANGE" that. If you want to know what it is like to not have America the Free, just turn on the Tube and watch Iran try to Elect a Pres. That will be us in the next generation if we don't Change our direction.

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There is a time and a season for everything under heaven.. the time is now. No Republican I know has any faith left in the Party. They are all just selling an illusion.

How about nominating the Inspector General, Gerald Walpin, that just got fired by Obama for upholding his Oath to be honest in his job and protect the integrity of the Position he was given charge of.
I think when Obama said "you must be confused" he meant to say , 'you aren't doing what I want, you must be confused of whom you are working for, honesty is not valued in this administration.' PEOPLE, GET BEHIND THIS MAN.

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Is this what Barack meant when he said he wouldn't have any lobbyist's working for him???

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I love Dick Cheney, I think he is one of the last John Waynes of America, another Ronald Reagan. A man of Character and Devotion to Country. He loves his daughter, and has chosen to accept her lifestyle.
I cannot say what I would do in the instance, I know my heart would be broken. I can only relate it to my son getting a DUI, 5 days before his 21st Birthday (he'll love me for telling that!) Although I love him, he definately knows where I stand on that issue and he knows it is the wrong thing to do and that I would never condone it. My kids know that I stand on the biblical side of every issue, and if they choose to live their lives apart from that, they know they will be loved but the behavior will not be condoned. This divides us on some issues, and whenever they start feeling any consequences of it, they understand why I believe the way I do. You cannot live your life on the fence. If you don't make up your mind what you stand for, you don't stand for anything, and can be tossed around with the wind. Just because a thing is allowable doesn't make it beneficial.

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ps. People are free to enter any kind of union they wish, any kind of arrangement they wish, It's called a legal and binding contract. That comes from the State. Not the marriage. The state divides the material property, not the broken hearts.

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Marriage is not a State contract. It is a spiritual commitment to another person. When you mess with it, you destroy the spirit. That is why it hurts all parties so deeply. The partners are crippled spiritually, and the children are crippled spiritually. You may say that you are not a spiritual being, but that is not true. We all have completely different souls, not one of us is alike. The world would like to change God's plan to fit into it's plan, but it is not best. People suffer needless pain because they cannot Love one Another, in the Spirit of God's unconditional way. Because of selfish and self centered reasons, (I'm not happy, I want something/one else) since the beginning, Lucifer wanted something he could not have. He wanted to be God. So when you deviate from the best, you get the rest.....( I say this as a child of divorce, and a woman who has been married, divorced, raised three children alone for 10 years, and remarried) The Best Plan is God's Plan. If you can save a marriage, do anything you can to do that. Never encourage anything else. It is one small part of why our families and our country is falling apart. Children are growing up unsure and emotionally torn between parents love. All this deviation is just plain self centeredness, we try to fill up our empty souls with stuff and other people, instead of the filling our souls up with Jesus. He is the savior of our soul. He is the only one who can fill up the emptiness that people long for. Enough Said

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Maybe you could get a couple more husbands to help cover the "cost" of the wives. There you go, men thinking again...."you just Need the laundry done?" no wonder she's not in the mood. Think before you speak!

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Because you let them

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It only works if you swallow the bullpelosi!
We don't swallow it and we are marching on Washington. Call to Arms. Call to Battle. Sound the Alarm.
Every chance you get, use your power. You have it still. Use every idea that you can get from this forum or others to fight back. Don't just read the blogs. Put them into ACTION. That is the power behind the punch.
Make your signs and march on every occasion. Unite your neighborhoods, and teach the Principles.
You don't have to get angry, you just have to be empowered by your actions.