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This list is so perfect. Minor quibble though, I think 'I hope they serve beer in hell' is owned only by a very particular subset of white dudes. I'm sure everyone who owns that book is a white dude but I've never met anyone who has ever read it at least.

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Not gonna lie, at least 25% of the reason I'm sad my relationship turned into an LDR is that my boyfriend is no longer an able to make and bring me my 3 meals a day (with napkins and dessert and real silver which he washed for me). And, you know, also because I love him but those meals were so tasty.

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Ahahaha sorry this was postrd after a vigorous book club discussion in a bar during happy hour. By the time karaoke rolled around my typing skills were only shot, and my brain could onky focus on belting out the lyrics to every Robyn song.

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We are inhabot karaoke on the third floor. The one woth the creepy outsode witg the children painted on it but the nice inside

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Omg I posted like an hour ago but it didn't go through but there is a meetup tonight. Our book club is now and were having a sweet discussion about Americanah. The meetup officially starts at 8 and were leaving the bar at 9 ish for karaoke. If my nattery isnt dead ill post the karaoke location.

Were at rpm bar on the corner of broome amd allen. Come out internet feminist ladies.

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Oh no! I didn't mean to suggest that you weren't doing enough!!! I was just trying to share what I know helped friends and acquaintances of mine who were in that position. Obviously it's much harder with high schoolers, when you don't have the resources of a public university.

I also know I mentioned that part of the problem with my classmates was with their grade schools but I didn't mean to suggest that was a problem with all schools (my public school was great), it's just that I know most of my friends said the reason they struggled in college was because they had come from schools where teachers would play unrelated movies instead of teaching (I'm assuming caused by funding issues) or who weren't invested in their students. That is obviously not the situation with you and I never meant to suggest that it was, I just wanted to pass on my own experiences with it, that I learned through talking with friends who had similar problems that your students seem to have, and I thought maybe that your students were in similar positions and coming from similar environments that my peers were. I hope I didn't insult you, that was never my intention, I know that teaching is a really difficult profession and I'm sure that you're doing an amazing job. My cousin is a teacher and I know she struggles a lot with gaps in students knowledge from previous grades/schools and it frustrates her too. I have a lot of trouble communicating online (especially with tone and whatnot) so I really hope I didn't sound like I was suggesting that you weren't doing enough.

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Oh man that's rough. I feel bad for you but I also kind of feel bad for those kids. Mostly because I went to college coming from good schools with parents who were encouraging and supportive of my education. And then in college in group assignments I would edit the papers of students who, despite speaking English as a native language (and as their parents and grandparents native language) could not write a single word of intelligible English. Or who had really limited grasp of history or geography. remember taking an English class, that was equivalent (in difficulty) to my middle school English class and I remember being bored but I later overheard one of my classmates talk about how hard it was because she never had to write so much ('so much' = 3 page essays).

At the time it was frustrating because my major was big on group assignments and so I'd have to rewrite everything from scratch to not fail the class but I just felt so so bad for these students (and it really was most of the students) because the public schools in that state were awful and so there was no reason for them to know any better, no one had taught them.

Are there any tutoring resources on campus? Some schools have resources where you can meet with grad students or program advisors to get resources to fill in gaps in knowledge. It's a lot harder for history than for fixing up grammar or catching up on math but maybe there is something you can point them too. I bet many of them have no idea how much information they are missing and wont know to go look for it unless someone points them in the right direction or gently lets them know they need to do some catch up. Maybe you could schedule some office hours to meet one on one with each student to talk to them? Or coordinate something with the public library or school library? I'm assuming this is a university, if it's a high school then wow please keep doing what you're doing the US needs more teachers like you.

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A quick google found this article from Stanford which includes the line "a newspaper article is like being flashed on the subway". I also found this one the guardian.

I also bet Mike Dang knows how to correctly pitch an article, maybe he could teach us?

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Yes! At various points in time I've thought of sending something in, but my job has absolutely nothing to do with writing and so I don't know if there is a way to do it or what a pitch is or if I should just collect all my scribblings and stuff them in a shoebox and mail them to Nicole and Mallory and hope they don't burn it.

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That picture looks kind of like a weeping angel!