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Does anyone see a passing resemblance to Alan Greenspan?

Less pouty, more hair? More pouty, less hair? Size queens? Anything there? Anything?

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By saying "The Industry" should we assume you manage an AMC theater?

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Oh..........I've seen this sign before. It should actually read "Bombed? Next door." It is clearly an invite to sit in on one of those A & A, drinkie, drinkie meetings.

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Since Barry got the OBL, the Republicans have been going to great lengths to prove their manhood. What next red, white and blue codpieces or star spangled "sugar diabeetus" glucometers? Eh?

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Looks more like an aging Elvis surrounded by Sonny, Red and the boys.

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In this reoccurring dream I have, as all the shouting and fist waving starts, I saunter over to my local Fox News affiliate and calmly pull the plug on place. (Naw........I actually blow the fucking place up.) Keep in mind folks, this is simply a dream I have had, just a silly lil' ol dream. Nothing wrong with having a dream is there?

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I continue to hope and pray a freight train will drop on Ms. Palin. Always have, always will. There.... I said it.

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........and all that was left as these true Americans drove away was detritus of their sad, empty lives. Fast food wrappers, diabetic syringes and thousands of half smoked Chesterfields.

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So I guess this means no rough boat rides, no "fast" dancing, no disquieting motion pictures, no strong spices or exotic cuisine, no harsh language and certainly no sneaking up behind any female of child bearing age and saying, "Boo". Does this mean bed rest for all Georgian women, all the time.?