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Part 3 of my comment:

Finally, demonizing one religion, when all are equally destructive is in itself divisive and a distraction from what we (the atheist community) are all here for. All religions have, and will, try to stifle the others, and those of us living int he real world. And they will use fear as their primary weapon - they know their audience - fear of death is the most successful marketing campaign ever devised.

Okay, I am talked out. Everyone have a wonderful day and get some sun.

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Part 2 to my comment:

We sit around and talk about it and the dialogue is good. A lot of this fear is the product of the coroporate media, who have a vested interest in keeping you afraid and in stifling honest and informed discourse. Christians kill doctors in their churches, jews starve and bomb out their third world neighbors, muslims commit mindless acts of destruction - all brought to you in living color. If they keep you afraid, they have you under control. Fear made religion (aka mind control) possible. Don't give in to it. Fight it. And (sorry Vjack) organize.

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I may have expressed myself badly. My point was that in every cult, there is a fanatical minority that commits mayhem in order to promote their beliefs. The big problem here, aand this is where I tend to wander, is that the fear of this minority of miscreants is being used by the vested interest to kill any sort of dialogue between disparate groups, which might lead to a certain social enlightenment that would gravely trouble the ruling class. Under it all, the religious kooks have one thing in common: a god that they can bame their lives on. Do I think one of these kooks could track me down and stab me? Maybe. Do I think it is likely? Not much. And woe be unto them that do find me. ____

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It isn't just Islam. Ty talking to some of those double christians out there. And the catholics - they are absolutely humorless. When you take yourselves so deadly seriously, you develop tunnel vision as a matter of intellectual survival. Jokes are taken very seriously, criticism is seen as a deadly attack. When you have nothing else, When you are intellectually void, when you wrap your whole being around this irrationality, when it becomes your reason for being in a very unkind and unfair world - what other choice do you have but to become violent at the mere hint that your beliefs are illegitimate?

And don't kid yourselves folks - these divisions are fostered by the ruling elite to prevent any sort of unity - unity that would severely threaten the power structure. Religion is the primary means of dividing and conquering. It appeals to a wide swath of citizens who are eager to find someone to hate. And promoting the idea that someone's belief's are above criticisim is just another way of fostering those divisions. If you are so strong in your beliefs, what does it matter what I think? As another sage put it: "You can only be insulted by those you respect"

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W.C. Fields: "Never wise up a chump"

It is too much of chore for most Americans to think. so shows that provoke any sort of thought outside of appealing to base emotion are too hard to process. So the vast majority, who are obtuse, tune out to watch who is shaking their ass on some inane dance show or (shoot me now) Oprah. As one sage so aptly put it, "The West is Fucked".

Keep them stupid and afraid and you have them under control. Bread and circuses. Religion. Hide the truth under layers of half-truths - the History Channel - history lite.

The History channel has been a farce since mid way into it's second season. The minute I saw the phrase " The True History of..." I knew it was over. The falshoods and half-truths would be laughable if it wasn't so dangerous and sad that our vapid and gullible population is eager to believe this bullshit. And let's not ever forget that it comes down to selling commercial time. Why the hell would you want to wise America up?

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We are supposed to be the rational ones -

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How about this:

It must have been god's will, the sadistic bastard.

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I am happily misanthropic. And sociopathic. I am very happy with my own company. As for the society of the church - it is merely a gathering of those who practice "dislike of the unlike" Like sports, it gives the unintelligent something to be intelligent (and superior) about. I can do that without subverting myself to some idiot dogma.

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Wikipedia- search on Pius XII and it all comes up. I think this quote was one of the links at the bottom.