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Hi, one of the obvious ways is to collect your air miles. Use your credit card for everything and you can get some super deals on flights., I know a guy who does this and he is always away in lovely places. I should get round to it!

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Too right. And all this trade war talk with just end in tears. Surely he can see that? Probably not.

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I agree with Dave above. Dumb or bold move? Got to opt for dumb surely??

I mean, unless they are trained properly it could lead to all sorts of gambling habits in later life. Once they get the bug, especially at that age, it could be a dangerous thing.

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Ok, so I am pretty impressed with the Water Planet info. Makes total sense. AI to control water filtration. Dependent on the condition of the water, it adapts. What a simple but super idea.

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Really interesting article thanks. I have been noting the growth of many sectors from Japan also, not just Pharma. There seems to be a huge move of money out of Japan into other countries. Maybe it's because the Dollar has been weak versus the Yen for quite some time. In fact no coincidence it's since Trump got voted in!