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Actually Teresa, Bill Clinton shrunk the size of the federal government to its smallest size since the Kennedy administration, which is one of the reasons he rang up huge budget surpluses and was paying down our national debt. Oh to be trapped in Clinton's economy again....

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Matt --
so bitter; keep repeating that Obama is Jimmy Carter and we'll keep associating W and the GOP with Hoover

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The article is actually pretty spot on; especially when read by someone who hasn't lived their entire life in OC.

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Tyler -- Republicans are a rudderless ship now; the fact is Beth will peel some Newport votes away from Campbell on environmental issues and she'll lock up Lake Forest and all the Lagunas to because of her work on El Toro.

Matt -- I'm amazed how you can write off Krom so easily but still carry a torch for DeVore in another post. Party first!

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And in the Conan books, it's spelled "Crom" By all means Matt, keep underestimating Beth Krom. You have for the past 5 elections.....

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I remember the church advocating in-vitro fertilization as it promotes life. A vasectomy, on the other hand, was a sin for denying the possibility of life. But of course it violate the Catechism of the Catholic Church; but what about the souls of those kids born this way?

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Oh the Mock outrage is rich

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Geez Matt, I thought you were against bailng out people who bought houses they couldn't afford. Private school is a privledge, not a right. Good public schools should be a right.

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Is this unpatriotic to hope that the president fails.

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I'll bite; the DC school district doesn't have the same state resources that other school districts have. But things are starting to change dramatically with a new school superintendent who is closing failing schools, firing bad teachers and administrators, and rewarding good teachers with higher pay. Change comes slowly but this is the sort of person we need to establish a new model to turn around failing school systems. <a href="http://www.newsweek.com/id/154901" target="_blank">http://www.newsweek.com/id/154901 for more about the dramatic changes in the DC schools.

If you want your kids to go to a private school, that is your choice. I choose to send my kids to IUSD schools. I believe in public education. I would rather the vouchers be spent on rebuiilding the DC school system (and public school system in general). Its also about parental involvement in a child's education. And if a parent is working two or three jobs to make ends meet, they just arent' going to have the time to make sure homework is done correctly to help a struggling student.