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I just have a feeling this is to set up Owens taking the title off Cena and being on the main Roster...

In my opinion, I think that Owens is in a position where he can move up take the title off Cena, and run with it.

If WWE go with how Owens started in NXT, by saying he always gets what he wants, have that as his "gimmick" of sorts, make it so he wins the title, then have someone in the future, Sami Zayn, perhaps, come and win the title off him. Could work I think.

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Goodbye Kofi... Nice knowing you!

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I don't think anybody else said it yet, but you've titled it as Cena winning... unless that's just to entice people to read.

I can agree with most of the predictions you make though, although id prefer other people to win. Wyatt for example, could use a win, but I cant see the Family reform without him losing via DQ. Unless Rowan and Harper attack the winners of the Tag Match, and don't actually rejoin Wyatt.

The Tag match, I would prefer Kidd/Cesaro to win, just to set up Rowan and Harper attacking them after the match, making their intentions clear.

As for the main event, Orton winning is a great idea, and I imagine if he does, Kane will be the one to cost Rollins the title.

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Aw come on... its obvious.

Jamoa Soe.

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My idea was that she'd come back to help Paige, with the Bellas mocking Paige for AJ retiing, saying "whos gonna save you now?" then she just comes out and destroys them both.

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I wouldn't mind him retaining, Ambrose will have something to do later anyway... like stop a potential cash in...

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id have to say mine is the Ladder Match, then Rollins vs Orton.

The only thing im interested about on the title match is whether Rollins cashes in or not and if we finally see that WM cash in.

With Brock staying at WWE, you could see Rollins try to cash in on him again, which would be better than Reigns winning and Rollins then cashing in imn my opinion.

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So literally nobody wants to see Rollins Vs Orton, and people rate Lesnar Vs Reigns as a more must see match than the Ladder Match?
Even with Ambrose, Ziggler and Bryan in it?


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I reckon we'll see the GTS in the Battle Royal... its been teased... so its probably gonna happen soon.

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For me, hes doing what Reigns should be.. winning a midcard title first... then moving up... I cant see him NOT being main event soon... he just seems too much like a modern day Stone Cold. By that I mean, the sort of person who just doesn't give a damn, and will take on anyone to get where he wants.